Paris – Day eight – EEU + Hungarian Zoot Suiters

26 12 2013

Today we moved Paris a bit to the East as we started the day at the massive Brassai show (born: Gyula Halász – like me, a Transylvanian) @ the Hotel de Ville, lunched at a Jewish delicatessen Sacha Finkelsztajn in the Marais (old Jewish quarter – now Yuppieville) and took in the Béla Bartók, Allegro Barbaro exhibition at the Musée d’Orsay.  Here is the cover of a literary journal, Fidibusz,  depicting some hipster Hungarian dancers in the early 20th century (teens). How I wish I could tell you more about the artists or the story it illustrates.  Hungarians feel free to give me a call. IMG_1254



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