This is the blog of the ARChive of Contemporary Music. The ARC is a not-for-profit archive, music library and research center located in downtown New York City. We collect, preserve and provide information on the popular music of all cultures and races throughout the world from 1950 to the present. Our holdings stand now at about two million sound recordings (and counting), making us the largest popular music collection in the United States. In addition to sound recordings and publications, the ARChive actively collects all books, magazines, videos, films, photographs, press kits, newspapers clippings, memorabilia and ephemera relating to the history of popular music, a collection that now includes over two million items. Although substantial, our collection continues to grow, largely through generous donations from record companies, publishers, and distributors from all around the world.

The ARChive of Contemporary Music was founded by B. George, the Director, and David Wheeler (1957-1997). The collection is maintained by Archivist Fred Patterson. Daniel Neely is the Director of ARChive’s New York Musicians Index and Archive project; Bryan Koniarz and Jon Hammer also staff this project.

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20 08 2007
Amalie R. Rothschild

Hello Folks,

Just found out about you. Could you let me have a street address and local NYC phone number? I’d like to find out more about you and your operation, where you actually have the holdings, how they are preserved, if they’re available for scholars and/or the general public for research, and so on.

Thanks so much.

Amalie R. Rothschild
“Live at the Fillmore East: A Photographic Memoir”

21 01 2010

Contact info below. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Yours, B. George

The ARChive of Contemporary Music
is a not-for-profit archive, music library and research center
located in New York City. The ARChive collects preserves and
provides information on the popular music of all cultures throughout the world.
Since 1985 our holdings have grown to two million sound recordings,
making the ARChive the largest popular music collection in the World.

Members of the Board of Advisors are: David Bowie, Jellybean Benitez,
Jonathan Demme, Ellie Greenwich, Jerry Leiber, Youssou N’Dour,
Lou Reed, Keith Richards, Nile Rodgers, Todd Rundgren,
Fred Schneider, Martin Scorsese, Paul Simon,
Mike Stoller and Jerry Wexler

54 White Street
New York City, 10013
tel : 212-226-6967
e : arcmusic@inch.com
blog: https://arcmusic.wordpress.com

The NYMIA (New York Musicians Index and Archive)
is available for NY based musicians and
music related businesses to join and anyone to search.
We hope it will be useful. Tell your friends.

20 08 2007

Responded via email.

28 02 2009
Michael Tim

I love your site!

Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

9 05 2009
Elise Warner

Read about you in the NY times. A friend of ours is now in the Actors Home; he has a wealth of Jazz and swing Cds. If you would like them, please contact me.

21 01 2010

Dear Elise – please forgive us for not geting back to you! Don’t know how we missed your post to the ARChive. Call anytime to talk about a donation. 1-212-226-6967. Yours, Bob George

9 11 2009
Pete Crigler


I am working on a book about the history of Virginia rock music and would like to use your photo of Janis Martin. I would just like to know if I have your permission to use said photo in my manuscript.


Pete Crigler

1 01 2010
Ron Palmer

I have a century old record collection that I would like to donate to ARC. 78s’, 45s’, and LPs. Nearly 1,800 in all. Hand cleaned, sorted and partially catalogged.
They can be picked up in Pembroke Pines, Florida, if ARC or anyone in this area is interested.

9 06 2010

Dear Ron – please forgive us for not answering sooner – can you send us your ‘partially cataloged’ list? We can see if we can arrange a pickup. Again, we are so swamped with our transition as we partner with Columbia University. Yours, B. George, Director.

7 02 2010

Do you ever need or use independent researchers/writers for obscure vintage LP write-ups? I’ve collected since ’75 and would be willing to research / write any specific LP requests you may have. Sample writing if needed too.

But for now, I just picked-up at my G-Will a RCA LM-1900 Berlioz Symphonie Fantastique (1955) w/ a Jane Sinnickson original oil painting (dbl-headed woman with sunflower eyes..) cover; this series also used a well-known SiFi illustrator for the only other LP I found from this series. Generally, and from the best I can tell, the most far-out illustrations out of the mid-’50s were coming out of the ‘Symphonie Fantastique’ series..


19 03 2010

nixon looks pretty good about now.

stick to jazz

20 09 2010

Hi, nice to meet you !

29 10 2010
Steve Ausbury

Hi Bob,

Great blog. I have to say that “I heard it through the grapevine” by the Slits is my favorite punk cover ever. Like, how many genres can you fit in one song.

rock on,


25 05 2012
Tim Brosnan

Fantastic blog from a fantastic organization. I work in Tribeca so it’s an easy walk. Thanks for the great observations.

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