Musica Joyaria!

27 06 2012

Change is good.  Right?  Well a blog name change is long overdue, so as of NOW, we are, Musica Joyaria!

This is inspired by a trip across 207th St in uppest New York City, where there’s a row of Joyeria’s (Jewelry stores), and well, it sounds to me like a place to have fun.

Another inspiration was a donation of odds-and-ends from the master of such, ARC supporter Herb Jue.  Here’s the photo of a pyramid of fun, capped by action figure Scary Spice, who I thought was Michele O’Bama.  Now THAT’s Musica Joyaria!

Bossa Big Beatles Beat

23 06 2012

Hey, over at our Brazilian Day blog I’ve been posting a slew of recording by US playing THEIR music, how about the other way around?  Here’s a sought after rarity called Os Sambeatles, recently unearthed here at the ARC, as we re-shelved some 500 or so Beatles and Beatles related recordings .

This LP is from 1966 (Fermata, Brazil, # fb 150), and you can get a CD reissue from Braz Bossa Roots.  But we all know the boss Bossa 60s sound can only be found on the big round!  While the names of the performers are not listed on the LP, the CD research reveals it’s by pianist Manfredo Fest, featuring a very jazzy trio.  It’s exotica, Bossa, Beatles, Samba and swingin’, with enough improvisation to keep you interested in these tired old compositions by those lovable mop-tops.

Here’s just one of the many songs available on youtube –

Summer Fun d’ARC + computer needs

21 06 2012

Weds night began the summer season for me as I sauntered (walkwise) / sautéed (heatwise) down to Rockefeller park for my first outdoor concert of the season , the Philip Glass Ensemble.  Here’s the review; ist piece, 1985-ish, fab; 2d, drab, 1968?; Kundon piece, eh; Truman score piece verynice, paving the way for a thousand filmic imitators; Photographer 3d movement a grand surprise; with a nice short encore, the Spaceship from Einstein.  The crowd was one of the largest I’ve ever seen for a River to River event –talkie on the lawn and attentive in the chairs – oh, and the whitest.

Now for more Blond on Blond action try Swedish Midsummer down at Wagner Park this Friday.  Flower wreaths on every head, fiddles on the lawn and Blond food for all.

Here’s a few other things to do, taken from my summer calendar.  Look, you have to do some work, so not many links, just hints and encouragement to go hear some great, free, live music in NY.  Hey, that’s why you’re not in Cleveland, right?

Thursday – June 21 – Eddie Palmieri – Rockefeller Park 7ish.  Summer officially begins so it’s Fete de Musique in Paris, and Make Music NY, so its hot and someone’s playing everywhere.

Friday – June 22 – Swedish Midsummer – Wagner park – 5ish

Friday – June 22 – Keb’ Mo’ / Natalia Zukerman – Prospect Park Bandshell

Tues – June 28 – Arieb Azhar +Raya Brass Band  – LMCC’s LentSpace, Hudson Square.  1PM

Weds – June 27 – Third World – Rock Park – 7pm

Weds – June 27 –   D O N ‘ T  (Aaron, my 2d cousin’s band)  w/ The Netherlands and bbigpigg  –  8:00 pm til 3 am – Union Pool – 484 Union Avenue, Brooklyn

Thurs – June 28 – The ABC&D of Boogie Woogie   with DJ – ARC’s very own Freddie Patterson – Midsummer Nigh Swing – LinCent-7:30

Friday – June 29 – Rob Schwimmer (piano and theremin)   Bargemusic (OK, ya gotta pay) 8:00 pm   Fulton Ferry Landing, Brooklyn

Friday – June 29 – Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue / The Brooklyn Steppers / Dayna Kurtz – Celebrate Brooklyn – Prospect Park Bandshell

Tues – July 3 – johnny colon boogaloo – LinCent-7:30

Thurs – July 5 – DC5 Bhangra LinCent 7:30

Fri – July 6 – Geno Delafose – Lincoln Center – 7:30

Sat – July 7 – Souad Massi / Simon Shaheen  – Prospect Park Bandshell

Thurs – July 12 – George Clinton /Parliament Funkadelic – Rock Park 7pm – a MUST

Fri – July 13 – Mestres do Forró  – Midsummer Nigh Swing – LinCent-7:30

Sat – July 21 –  My friend Beco +  Bebel Gilberto / Criolo / Flávio Renegado / Béco Dranoff (DJ)  3:00 pm – 7:00 pm | Central Park

Sun – July 21 – Orchestre Poly-Rythmo / SMOD / Bibi Tanga & The Selenites / Chief Boima| 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm  – Central Park

Weds – Jul 25   7:00     Nile Rodgers & The CHIC –  Damrosch Park Bandshell

Thu – Jul 26   7:30  – G.R.U.B.B. (Gypsy Roma Urban Balkan Beats) (U.S. debut)  The Stooges Brass Band  Damrosch Park Bandshell

Wed – Aug 1 – 7:00 – Yemen Blues / Khaira Arby / UkanDanZ (New York debut)  Damrosch Park Bandshell

Fri Aug 3 – 8:30 – Kimmo Pohjonen & Helsinki Nelson: / Accordion Wrestling (U.S. premiere)  Damrosch Park Bandshell –

Fri – Aug 3, 7:00  – Wild Flag / Mission of Burma / Ted Leo – Prospect Park Bandshell

Sat – Aug 4, 6:30  The Del McCoury Band / Cahalen Morrison & Eli West / Spirit Family Reunion – Prospect Park Bandshell

Sat, August 11, 7:30  –  Lyle Lovett and His Acoustic Group / Aoife O’Donovan – Prospect Park Bandshell

Tues, August 7, 7:00   M. Ward / Yo La Tengo – Prospect Park Bandshell

AND  – due to circumstances BEYOND our UNDERSTANDING, ARC is sorely in need of a few Apple computers.  Now don’t deny it, you’re all getting the new retina display Powerbook Pros, so please consider donating your ol’ Apple or two to the ARC.   We need laptops or desktops that can handle OS 10.6 or better.  Of course you could always donate the scratch for a few new ones, eh?  Give us a call @ 212-226-6967 or e-me,   Thanks…B.


16 06 2012

Final Days – not quite the apocalypse, the reaping or the rapture, BUT, it means that it will be a bleak six months till our next sale!

Here’s one nice LP, like so many others, still for sale.  This is by Jeremy & the Satyrs, a psychedelic rock outfit featuring flutist Jeremy Steig (later a jazzbo and son of  New Yorker Magazine’s well known cartoonist William Steig).  We have one in good condition for $8 and a fab one for $20.  It’s a collector’s item often running $40 online.  But for you…

So come on down to the ARC this weekend.  You can pick up some nice music and it really helps us.   Still plenty of bargains – our CDs are cheaper than downloading!

FATHERS can get any $1 item for free this SUNDAY if they buy anything at any price.

ARC’s cool SUMMER hot Record + CD SALE
LAST days this Sat, June 16 + Sun, June 17
We are open everyday, 11am – 6pm.
books, CDs, LPs, singles, VHS, DVDs, sheet music + more
Help us out !  Blog, face, tweet, post or shout out about our sale…
Remember, you can Join the ARC on PAYPAL or by calling us!

ARChive of Contemporary Music
54 White Street in Tribeca
between Broadway and Church Streets – North of Worth + 3 short blocks south of Canal.  Most trains stop @ Canal, or try the # 1 or 2 exiting in Franklin St
tel : 212-226-6967     e :

Bossa 4 Sale

4 06 2012

ARC’s cool SUMMER hot Record + CD SALE
Sat, June 9 and runs through Sun, June 17 –  everyday, 11am – 6pm.

Come by for some tasty 60s bossa CD, all donated by Verve Records.

$8 each  – cheaper than downloading!

You can Join the ARC (on PAYPAL or by calling us) and attend our Pre-Sale Party on Thursday evening, June 7.

This is our major fundraiser, so come by and shop  – books, CDs, LPs, singles, VHS, DVDs, sheet music + more.    Help us out !  Blog, face, tweet, post or shout out about our sale…

Thanks to the great folks and old friends who are donating treats the night of the
PARTY for ARC members on Thursday evening June 7!    Brooklyn’s Bonnie’s Grill (hotwings + beer). Tribeca’s Bubble Lounge (champagne), and Hudson Clearwater (food platter).
Krrb is your host for the evening, a local classified startup. Do visit:

ARChive of Contemporary Music
54 White Street in Tribeca, between Broadway and Church Streets – North of Worth + 3 short blocks south of Canal.  Most trains stop @ Canal, or try the # 1 or 2 exiting in Franklin St

tel : 212-226-6967     e :
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