ARC Holiday Sale + other things 2 do…

30 11 2012

Hi!  Here is a nice batch of LPs that will be available at the ARC’s hot WINTER Holiday Record + CD SALE, Dec 8-16, everyday from 11am – 6 pm.

Any of the above – an odd accidental religious grouping – all in near mint condition, $8 each.
The sale is our major fundraiser, so come by and shop  – books, CDs, LPs, singles, VHS, DVDs, sheet music.   PLUS the yard sale of vintage stuff.  Help us out !

Blog, face, tweet, post or shout out about our sale…

Again – geez you should know by now – we’re at 54 White Street in Tribeca.  between Broadway and Church Streets – North of Worth + 3 short blocks south of Canal.  Most trains stop @ Canal, or try the # 1 or 2 exiting in Franklin St.  tel : 212-226-6967     e :   blog:     facebook

Remember: ARC members attend our pre-sale PARTY on Thursday evening DEC 6!
You can Join the ARC and attend our party online on PAYPAL or by calling us!
PARTY will host Jamie Records‘ ARCTIC records reissue release party + ARC’s launch of the Bill Adler Holiday Record Collection.  Food by Two Boots Pizza, Brooklyn’s Bonnie’s Grill (hotwings + beer) and Tribeca’s Bubble Lounge (champagne). is your host for the evening, a local classified startup.

OTHER THINGS going on, that we like, by good ARC friends, and you should consider…

UpComing Shop + Dance event DEC 7 @ the great Scissors Store.  Scissors  will host Crash Course In Science (70s/80s minimal wave band) who will DJ, dance and glow in the dark, yes this will happen in Eric’s 190 square foot store.  Eric is a long time graphic contributor to the ARC.

UpComing Jewelry Sales by Alchemy.  Alchemy is the the jewelry design company of Pam Meyer, who for years has made the swell ARC 45 insert jewelry (that you can buy at our sale).  She also will be selling at:

EXQUISITE VINTAGE: Saturday December 8th, noon to six, 47 Great Jones Street, NYC   In addition to jewelry from our current collection, we will also be selling, vintage Alchemy, as well as items from Pam’s personal collection of vintage clothing, collectibles and bric a brac. event:

BROOKLYN CRAFT CENTRAL HOLIDAY MARKET: Saturday and Sunday, December 15th &16th, 11am to 5pm, Littlefield Art Space, 622 Degraw Street, Brooklyn NY  (This event also takes place on the following weekend, but Alchemy will ONLY be at the first weekend.)  event:

UpComing Original Women Sale, Thursday, Dec., 13, 12-9 pm.  Gwendy at Origianl Women has helped ARC many-a-time, and this sale is by them and Costavolcano from Chile – an evening to celebrate with their new, curated collections of innovative fashion design accessories and artistry – scarves, jewelry and more from around the world.  At Gateway, 15 Laight Street (between Varick and 6th Ave. near Tribeca Cinemas)  /

Another thing we like, this Sunday, Dec 2nd, at the Museum of Natural History, Beat Nation will perform after the film screening of the Marcelo Machado movie “Tropicalia”   Dance, Dance, Dance.

Oh yea, and our sale is DEC 8 – 16

You Light Up My Life

16 11 2012

It’s festival Time in India.  I was in Varanasi (Benares) during Durga Puja and took a breakneck bicycle rickshaw drive trough the streets – highly recommended in a city offering hash and opium on every corner.

Festivals are pretty darn festive.  Here’s a shot from “Outer Space” (you know, about 62 miles away) of India during Diwali, the Festival of Lights, from  May be fake; may not matter.

Cardboard 78 Player from India

13 11 2012

While in India I had the great pleasure of meeting Suresh Chandvankar, a scholar and one of the catalysts behind the Society of Indian Record Collectors (SIRC).  He also spoke at the IASA conference in New Delhi, is an author and has helped Dust to Digital to release material from the Young India Label.  His true love is Indian Classical music on 78s.  He was also my guide to the record haunts in Chor Bazaar (Thieves Market), Mumbai.

One of the treasures that he showed me was this attempt to create a portable record player for the masses, for pennies (film below). He remembers finding this simple, ingenious device while hiking in the Himalayas forty years ago.  At first he thought the cardboard was there just to separate the two discs until the seller told him that he could only buy the records if he bought the gramaphone also.  “What gramaphone?” was his bewildered response.  And to his amazement the cardboard was unfolded and the player revealed.  To his amazement the two discs and player was six rupees (11¢).  Here’s how it works;

The corrugated cardboard is divided into three folded sections.  On one end is a revolving metal disc with a spindle, on the other a metal stylus (needle).  The 78 rpm record has a spindle hole, and a small hole on the outer edge of the label to insert a pen, pencil or stick.  The cardboard is folded to make a triangular shape, the stylus placed on the record, the triangular fold acting as a resonator.  The user insets the pen and handcranks the disc, and voila, an early walkman.

It’s an iffy sounding system, but then again, it does indeed create a gramophone for practically nothing. The designers were proselytizing Christians, hell-bent on bringing “The Good News” to, in their minds, the heathen Hindus.  The disc containing sermons, Bible stories and quotations.  The only info I could glean from a partially obscured label states that this is a “Cardtalk Record Player” manufactured in Bangalore.

So feel free to make one of these at home, a great add to our DIY plastic cup cylinder disc player @

For fine academic work on early Indian sound recordings see back issues of Record Collectors News published by the SIRC that Suresh has made available online, downloadable as PDFs –

Why I’m A Bit Crabby…

1 11 2012


Because of the storm it took 4 days to get out of Mumbai, India.  After 8 hrs at the airport, only 42 hrs to get from Mumbai to Cleveland, and still not back in NYC yet.  ARC is safe and dry, but no power.  Fred is there now doing a job for Muscle Shoals by flashlight!  We should be up and running on Monday.  Thanks to all the great folks in India who helped me out.   A big Halloween ‘boo’ to United Airlines who didn’t man their counter for three days in Mumbai and slashed, broke the handles + lock and stole a telephone from my bag on their flight between Houston and Cleveland.

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