70 Years From NOW!

8 08 2012


Yesterday Sandra Coutinho from Globo News did an interview here with Beco and B. about Brazilian Music Day.  One thing we showed them was a copy of Saludos Amigos, an album of songs from the Disney film of 1942.  This ‘album’ (three single discs in one wrapper) contains the Ary Barroso song “Aquarela do Brasil”  (Watercolors of Brazil, Decca Records, A-369 ).  This is probably the very first authentic Brazilian song that anyone in America ever heard, and was the first Brazilian song to be played a million times on Stateside radio.

We played the recording and all were struck by how vivid and clean the sound of this 78rpm shellac (that’s insect resin) disc from 1942 was.  And here’s the question: Will your songs on your i-phone or MP3 player sound good in 70 years…

Beatles; Beetles

5 08 2012

Recently ARC moved our 124 Beatles parody and novelty records to a new location, and then noticed that we were only skimming the surface of a vast insect pond.  Witness the treasures discovered by an ARSC member, the venerable, mobile, Insect Circus Museum at the National Theatre in London.


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