ARC roundup 2012

26 12 2012


Did you clean 4,500 LPs covered in talcum powder?

Did you work during Hurricane Sandy searching for albums by flashlight?

Did you wade through a mile long alley of engine parts and motors, piled 4 ft high, in 96 degree weather, to find a Beatles 78?

Did you unload 150,000 recordings?

Well that’s only a portion of what we did this year at the ARC. You can read all about it on our Year-end Roundup on our website

And if you can, please send a donation so we can continue this important, and sometimes preposterous work of preserving the world’s music.

So please Donate via paypal (button below), on our page (best for matching funds).  It’s tax deductible, and for as as little as $50 you can become a member, shop early at our sale and attend two swell parties.  And let us know if you have recordings to donate to help build the collection.

Drop by anytime to see this great place.  Thanks

B.+ Fred + Quinn and the 47 volunteers and interns who made it all happen in 2012.

Music Makes the Holidays Glow – ok, lets say bearable…

13 12 2012

Here’s some vinyl X-mas magic available at our Holiday sale – ends this Sunday, so do stop by.

Elmo Green

Lookit how cute, and cuddly and fuzzy and Christmasy our sale is!


There’s also copies of Punk Magazine from the 70s to give the Holidays an edge, and tons of music books that make swell gifts.

Soul Session @ the ARC

12 12 2012

Screen shot 2012-12-11 at 11.24.08 PMThis year’s winter Members Only Party, a preview and a shindig held on the Thursday evening before the semi-annual Record and CD Sale kicks into full swing, was a very soulful event.  Frank Lipsius, whose father founded Jamie and Guyden Records in Philadelphia during the fifties, planned to have a celebration in honor of the release of COOLER THAN ICE: THE ARCTIC RECORDS STORY; a box set containing 6 CDs and 6 seven-inch records representing the complete singles output of Arctic Records, another Philadelphia record label, this one specializing in soul music and run by the radio DJ Jimmy Bishop during the sixties, but owned and distributed by Jamie/Guyden.  Arctic’s biggest hit was “Yes I’m Ready” by Barbara Mason; a Number 5 smash during the summer of 1965.  Also, Arctic was the launching pad for several star-destined artists, including Darryl Hall (Hall & Oates), who was a member of The Temptones; The Trammps (“Disco Inferno”), which included members of The Volcanos; and Kenny Gamble, who wrote songs and issued a couple singles on Arctic.

Hamber1While the box set was not ready in time for the party, the party went on regardless.  And what a party!  Frank rented a bus in Philly and brought with him about fifty people associated with Arctic Records and the Philadelphia soul scene.  Those in attendance included several artists who recorded for Arctic, including members of the groups Honey & the Bees, The Tiffanys, The Temptones and The Royal Five.  Entertainment included three Arctic recording artists: The Volcanoes who sang their two Northern Soul favorites “Storm Warning” and “A Ladies Man;” Winfield Parker (below) with a stirring rendition of Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Going to Come” and “Funky Party;” and Kenny Hamber (right) with a really great version of Otis Redding’s “These Arms of Mine.”

ParkerAlthough he had no release on Arctic, John Ellison (the lead singer/songwriter for The Soul Brothers Six) stole the show when he sang his most famous song, “Some Kind of Wonderful.”  Do not confuse this with The Drifters’s song (written by Carole King/Gerry Goffin) of the same title.  The Soul Brothers Six song, released on Atlantic Records, barely scraped the bottom of the Top 100 in 1967.  However, it was covered by Grand Funk Railroad in 1974 and was the Number 3 song in the land the following year.  The song has since been covered by the likes of Buddy Guy and Huey Lewis & the News.  After five singles for Atlantic, Ellison and The Soul Brothers Six recorded for Phil-L.A. of Soul, another record label owned by the good people at Jamie/Guyden, which makes Ellison part of the family.

EllisonAt the ARChive Members Only Party, Ellison looked striking, dressed in a long, white Nehru jacket.  Whereas the other acts sang along to tracks–karaoke style–Ellison sang a capella, with just handclaps and the many people in the room who knew the song singing back-up, making for a very memorable performance.  It was a tremendous performance by a great artist!

How will the ARChive top this at its Members Only Record & CD Sale Preview Party this summer?  Become a member and find out in June!!!

Of course you can join now and get an end-of-the-year tax write off, and help support the ARChive.

Or drop by the ARC during our sale and say hello…

Fred Patterson

Punk Singles – including Lora Logic

10 12 2012


This single by Lora Logic (Rough Trade, UK, 1981) is just one of the great vintage (?) Punk singles recently hung on the wall @ the ARChive Holiday Record and CD Sale in Tribeca,  Goes everyday, 11-6, until Dec 16th.  Do drop by.  Say Hi!

Hot Item @ Our Cool Sale – Starts Sat!

8 12 2012

mayaWell the sale at the library starts tomorrow, with bargains like this early LP by author Maya Angelou, for $5!

ARC’s hot WINTER Holiday Record + CD SALE.  Sat, Dec 8 – Sun, Dec 16, everyday, 11am – 6pm.  ARChive of Contemporary Music, 54 White Street in Tribeca, between Broadway and Church Streets – North of Worth + 3 short blocks south of Canal.  This is our major fundraiser, so come by and shop  – books, CDs, LPs, singles, VHS, DVDs,   tel : 212-226-6967

Today’s the Fifth, so here’s some $5 LPs for Sale!

6 12 2012


Hi!  Here is a nice batch of LPs that will be available at the ARC’s hot WINTER Holiday Record + CD SALE, Dec 8-16, everyday from 11am – 6 pm.
Any of the above –  $5 each.
The sale is our major fundraiser, so come by and shop  – books, CDs, LPs, singles, VHS, DVDs, sheet music.   PLUS the yard sale of vintage stuff.  Help us out !

Blog, face, tweet, post or shout out about our sale…

Again – geez you should know by now – we’re at 54 White Street in Tribeca.  between Broadway and Church Streets – North of Worth + 3 short blocks south of Canal.  Most trains stop @ Canal, or try the # 1 or 2 exiting in Franklin St.  tel : 212-226-6967     e :   blog:     facebook

Remember: ARC members attend our pre-sale PARTY on Thursday evening DEC 6!
You can Join the ARC and attend our party online on PAYPAL or by calling us!
PARTY will host Jamie Records‘ ARCTIC records reissue release party + ARC’s launch of the Bill Adler Holiday Record Collection.  Food by Two Boots Pizza, Brooklyn’s Bonnie’s Grill (hotwings + beer) and Tribeca’s Bubble Lounge (champagne). is your host for the evening, a local classified startup.

OTHER THINGS going on, that we like, by good ARC friends, and you should consider…

UpComing Shop + Dance event DEC 7 @ the great Scissors Store.  Scissors  will host Crash Course In Science (70s/80s minimal wave band) who will DJ, dance and glow in the dark, yes this will happen in Eric’s 190 square foot store.  Eric is a long time graphic contributor to the ARC.

UpComing Jewelry Sales by Alchemy.  Alchemy is the the jewelry design company of Pam Meyer, who for years has made the swell ARC 45 insert jewelry (that you can buy at our sale).  She also will be selling at:

EXQUISITE VINTAGE: Saturday December 8th, noon to six, 47 Great Jones Street, NYC   In addition to jewelry from our current collection, we will also be selling, vintage Alchemy, as well as items from Pam’s personal collection of vintage clothing, collectibles and bric a brac. event:

BROOKLYN CRAFT CENTRAL HOLIDAY MARKET: Saturday and Sunday, December 15th &16th, 11am to 5pm, Littlefield Art Space, 622 Degraw Street, Brooklyn NY  (This event also takes place on the following weekend, but Alchemy will ONLY be at the first weekend.)  event:

UpComing Original Women Sale, Thursday, Dec., 13, 12-9 pm.  Gwendy at Origianl Women has helped ARC many-a-time, and this sale is by them and Costavolcano from Chile – an evening to celebrate with their new, curated collections of innovative fashion design accessories and artistry – scarves, jewelry and more from around the world.  At Gateway, 15 Laight Street (between Varick and 6th Ave. near Tribeca Cinemas)  /

Another thing we like, this Sunday, Dec 2nd, at the Museum of Natural History, Beat Nation will perform after the film screening of the Marcelo Machado movie “Tropicalia”   Dance, Dance, Dance.
Oh yea, and our sale is DEC 8 – 16

East Coast – West Coast, all around the towns!

4 12 2012

No+415No New York is $25, and the San Fran 415 Records release is less, the left coast is ALWAYS less than NY, @ $5.

Yes, great classic Punk Era travelog vinyl at the ARC sale this year.  Here’s some of the regional and International compilations we will be offering this Holiday sale.  Most of these right out of the box they were packed in from the late 1980 + early 1990s and never played.

Local compilations include: Today Brooklyn – $4, Downtown NYC – $5, The Bands that Ate New York – $5, The Boston Incest Album –  $15 , It’s’s a Crammed world (Belgium), $5, Berlin Visions -$8,  the akron compilation lp w/ scratch’n’sniff cover – $5, Detroit Defaces the Eighties- $10, Big Apple Rotten to the Core – $25, Boston Rock n’ Roll Anthology vol 9 – $5, This Is Boston Not LA – $15,

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