ARC year-end Roundup 2008…

23 12 2008

Below are details on all the things ARC has done in 2008 and all the folks who helped us through the year.


By the way there’s still time to make a donation.  You can now go to our website and donate online,   We realize times are tough and people are a bit worried.  Not us.  If everyone gives a little, we’ll be OK.

Pitch over.  Here’s the skinny…

The Holiday “Kissing Christmas” Record + CD sale has finally ended with every record sold, as the remnants were shipped off via mysterious Middle Eastern traders!  It was an unexpected success in these times of recession, but then again good things, under $5, are forever great gifts. We want to thank all the great folks who donated materials to sell and all the even greater folks who came out to shop.  More importantly the sale helps grow the collection.  As you know we ONLY sell third copies, so end of the year massive donations allow us to weed our garden properly; comparing the new adds to existing materials and keeping the best and alternate versions.  So while we sold some 15,000 discs, we added 25,000 new ones gleaned from all the drop-offs.

One of our more challenging jobs this year was supplying all the scans (over 800) for the new Grammy Hall of Fame that opened Dec 6 in LA.  ARC was the only library or organization in America that could supply such a wide array of popular music, in good condition, in a timely manner.  Well, we had a little help from the Institute of Jazz Studies out at Rutgers.  Scanning artwork and labels continues to be a major use of the collection, and this year we did work for Universal, Verve, Cadence, Sony, Def Jam, Nonesuch, Dave Clark and CBS among others.

On the massive database front you can now visit the NYMIA – The New York Musicians Index and ARChive @   This is an online listing of all working musicians and music related businesses in New York State.  This project was funded by ARC, Columbia University and a $250,000 grant from the New York State Music Fund.  The grant was awarded and administrated by the Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors. Irwin Chen @ Information Architecture did the programming.  As the project winds down early next year we say goodbye to project director Dr. Daniel Neely, and researchers Bryan Koniarz and Jon Hammer.   If you ARE a musician, or work in a music related field in New York State, do go online and make sure you’re listed.  If you need to book a tour through ancient New York – Phoenicia, Troy, Syracuse, Rome, Ithaca, Utica, Athens – the NYMIA makes it easy to find venues and help to promote your shows.

In March I gave a talk at the 42nd Annual ARSC Conference in Palo Alto, California.  My talk was titled “The New Center for music studies at Columbia U., ARCasia in Singapore and new approaches to mass cataloging”.  And you know, that’s exactly what I talked about.  Other west coast happenings included a meeting with longtime ARC Board of Advisors members and American songwriting geniuses, Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, a tour of the UCLA and Sanford Music Libraries, a formal stay at the Madonna Inn and a casual visit with mating elephant seals along US 1 in Big Sur.  Other visits included Arhoolie Records in El Cerrito, the Gibson Guitar Showroom, the Grammy Foundation, PR man with a bow-tie Bob Merlis, Brewster Kahle and the folks at the Internet Archive (they take all our second copies of comedy records), and author Greil Marcus.

If you came to the sale you may have noticed it was in our new space.  ARC took over an additional 4000 sq feet on White Street and this is where we have our sales and process incoming materials.  So much new material is coming in that we are considering using a portion of this space to open a permanent record and CD outlet.  Good idea?

Thanks to everyone who donated materials, funds, energy and time to keep ARC going this year!   Special thanks to our interns and volunteers, including Jessica Thompson (who also donated 137 LPs!), Juan Amaya, Ashley Madalone, Jeff Koch, Joe Flynn, Kaci Bycek, (NYU), Nancy Breslow and Henry Beer.  Balde Mamadou was our West African-French intern this year via EPEIGE in Paris.  Pam Meyer continues to make those wonderful, official ARC pins for us.  And when we needed a truck, Keith Streng was right there.

AND finally, coming this Jan, be on the watch for the formal press release about our partnership with the Libraries of Columbia University and the state of Singapore!

Fred Patterson, head archivist, counted every one of these 2008 donations!

We spent a lot of time this year cataloging one of our most important recent donations; The Adam Goldstone Collection.   So far we’ve logged the 2306 twelve-inch albums and 693 CDs.  In early ’09 will tackle the 6,254 twelve-inch singles.  This is a priceless donation from the late DJs family.  You can read about Adam on our blog.

Another estate gift came from the family of James Dukas.  Jim was an actor, early radio announcer and voice over artist who appeared on TV commercials, as well as countless spoken word and children’s recordings.  His passion was Jazz and we received sheet music, songbooks, magazines and books.  More importantly there were 1584 reel-2-reel tapes, 912 cassettes, lots of acetates, 78s, CDs, and 3508 LPs.  Thanks to Tara Dowd who made all the arrangements for the gift.  You can read more about Mr. Dukas here.


A third major estate donation came from Barry J. Lederer (1781 twelve-inch dance records and 223 LPs).  Barry had been donating thousands of recordings over the past 4 years and his death was a complete surprise, as we had only a few weeks before made a pickup, and all seemed well.  Barry was quite the cut-up, a pioneering Disco DJ and his history can be found here.

Jim Eigo @ Jazz Promo Service did a massive cleanup made a very nice donation of indie jazz CDs (3028) and an even better donation of jazz magazines (1440) this year.

Speaking of Jazz, collector Jim Doran continues to be generous with his annual donations. He began the year with 177 LPs and 308 books, and ended it with 411 jazz CDs.  Jim’s a hero because he also catalogs all of his donations.  Could we have a better friend?

If we could have, it would be Lois Weiss.  We picked up a second bath of priceless memorabilia, books, posters, photos and recordings (including 196 LPs, 145 singles, 162 cassettes and 46 reel-2-reel tapes) to accompany her earlier donation last year.  Lois was a member of the Fillmore East’s (in)famous Joshua Light Show and she donated piles of great stuff from that late 60s era.  More to come too!

Music writers of note who made ‘08 donations include Ben Ratliff of the Times (496 LPs, 80 singles) and Jim Farber (417 LPs) and David Hinkley, both from the Daily News.  David’s been a regular for more than ten years, giving piles twice a year – including over 300 music books.  Those other guys are newbies.

Radio station Z100 sent over 2100 LPs, while Ben Young up at WKCR dropped off hundreds of LPs, and right before the sale boxes of World Music cassettes, including many cassette-only African releases.

Ron Dingenary, a long–time donor from Footlight Records, for years the premier shopping spot for soundtracks and Broadway shows in NYC, this year again made a major donation of 162 DVDs, 327 seven-inch singles, 1048 CDs, and 3169 LPs.  Thanks Ron!


Music Publishers Shapiro , Bernstein & Co. made a priceless donation of 2304 ten-inch acetates.  These one-of-a-kind, one-sided discs were created by songwriters, publishing companies and song pluggers to entice potential users.  One such rarity is Tony Bennett having a first crack at the David/Bacharach title song from a young Brigitte Bardot’s “The Night Heaven Fell.” Just for fun they threw in the sheet music.  We also got 516 seven-inch singles.  Jon Bonci, Debbie Rose and Michael Brettler made it all possible.

Musicians Dan Zanes (814 CDs, 1950 LPs – including an incredible batch of Reggae LPs and 23 Burl Ives discs – some beardless!), Jellybean (2136 CDs, 1352  LPs) and Fred Schneider (bags and bags of his annual bags of weird and wonderful LPs) all chipped in.

Labels, distributors and them new-fangled aggregators were also good to us this year, including Peter Wright @ Virtual, Mark Ghuneim @ Wiredset , Ed Steinberg @ Rockamerica (1577 CDs, 304 Videos), Chris Thieke @ Shore Fire Media (3171 CDs, 120 DVDs), Rich Appel @ Sony (300 CDs), John Earley @ Sony (21 DVDs), the folks at Nonesuch (373 CDs), Nasty Little Man (348 Cds), Anita Daly @ Daly Communications (235 Cds, 36 DVDs), Randy Haecker @ Sony/BMG (160 CDs) , Carolyn Freeman @ DefJam (884 CDs, 147 LPs, 373 dance singles), Gerald Moss @ Koch Entertainment (120 CDs), Mark Fotiadas @ Mute (815 CDs, 256 twelve-inchers), Jay Yee @ Giant Step (173 CDs), Gabby Gibb @ Sony/BMG/Legacy, Harry Weinger @ Universal (128 CDs), Carrie Cuneo @ Weasel Land, Helene Blue Musique, Kenny Margolis @ Selkem Records (400 music magazines, 217 CS), Drew Miller @ Omnium, Caroline Distribution, Jared Hoffman @ Instinct Records (600 twelve-inchers), Steve Knutson @ Rough Trade, Dan Storper @ Putumayo, Scott Bergman @ Astralwerks, Jon Hafter @ Big Sounds International (120 CDs), Ariel Hyatt @ Ariel Publicity (375 CDs), Cory Robbins @ Robbins Entertainment (1200 CDs) and the good folks over at Wax Poetics.  Speaking of Good, we got 162 LPs from former GOOD Magazine folks, who’s names are…?   Thanks also to all the small labels and individual artists who contributed one-offs, self produced and limited runs material.

Eagle Rock Entertainment sent over their complete catalog – over 800 DVDs – featuring studio and live musical performances and films with musical content.  They’ve kept us on their mailing list and we greatly appreciate this important addition to our visual archive.  We REALLY appreciated some of the tackier stuff (I mean brilliant), like the teensploitationastic “Wild Youth” with a baton-twirling jitterbug number and Peter Falk as a blasé killer Beatnik in “The Bloody Brood”.

Serial donors include Nick Hill who dropped off 2625 seven-inch singles, John Hammond who gave 225 CDs, Anne Leighton who continues to send bi-monthly big bags ‘o mags and Billy Adler who recently re-gifted Christmas-centric CDs (149) and singles (37).  Brian Gerosa of Gerosa Records Store in Brookfield, CN, also donated quite a few recordings this year, as always.

Producer Tom Hayes @ Telemotions gave 170 videos, Fred Hatt 110 LPs, and Jamie Johnson 400 LPs plus an incredible array of high-end audio equipment.  A Mr. Herbert Moscowitz gave 632 LPs, including a rare version of an early Dylan release.

And there were countless donations of 10, 20, 40, 125, 200+ by countless other ordinary citizens like Barbara Linhart, Fred Haptro, Thomas Erickson, Marcia Elliott, Bruce Rayvid, Amy Larkin, Barbara Arocho Negron, Scott Sendrow, Marcos Sueiro Bal, Peter Kapp, Andy Cohen, Bruce Alexander, Elizabeth Primamuce, Adam Dolgins, Lynne Goldsmith, Dan Morgenstern, Sarah Lazin, Dave Withers, Herb Jue, Bryan Koniarz, Nancy Breslow, Andy Schwartz, Harry Eriksen and Sarah S. Erwin.

Sorry if we forgot anyone.  We had a hard drive crash in October, and well, remind us if we lost info about your help or contribution.

As always, Because of YOU, ARC is the largest and best collection of popular music in the world.  Donate, drop off or drop by anytime.

Thanks again,

B. George,

ARChive of Contemporary Music
54 White Street, New York City, 10013
tel : 212-226-6967
e :

We gave him the boot, now send him your shoes!

17 12 2008

My Fellow Americans…


I think everyone should send an old pair of shoes to Bush to let him know what we think of him – with the wish that they be donated to the poor – signed Muntadhar al-Zeidi.   Wrap in newspaper.  Add a label.  post…


The image of 100,000 shoes piled outside the White House is a good parting shot.  Pass it on…

attn: George W. Bush

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Searching the ARC database here’s a portion of our “shoes aren’t bombs” memorial discography:

Just Because You Wear Big Shoes – The Jody Grind
Cold, Cold Shoes – Fleshtones
The Steel Shoe – Risers
Hillbilly Shoes – Montgomery Gentry
Dead Man’s Shoes – Caberet Voltaire-
Take Your Shoes Off – Midnight Star
Get Your Feet Out of My Shoes – The Boothill Foot-Tappers
Old Brown Shoe – The Beatles
Brown Shoes Don’t Make It – Mothers of Invention
Worried Shoes – Daniel Johnston
I’ve Got Sand In My Shoes – The Drifters
Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy – Red Foley
Blue Suede Shoes – Carl Perkins
Red Shoes by the Drugstore – Tom Waits
Walk In My Shoes – Hazel Dean
The Shoemaker – Mad Daddys
No Shoes – John Lee Hooker
Red Shoes by the Drugstore- Tom Waits
Wigs, Blues and High Heeled Shoes – Burning Tree
If the Shoe Fits – Leon Russell
My Father’s Shoes – Leon Russell
Shoe Shoe Shine – Centerfold
Layin’ Down My Shoes And Clothes – The Johnny Shines Blues Band
The Story Of Someones Shoe – The Style Council
Travelin’ Shoes – Elvin Bishop
Blue Shoes Stepping – The Bible
Walk a Mile in My Shoes – Harry Belafonte and Lena Horne
Shoe Broke My Heart – Souled American
Hair Shoes – Pale Saints
In Their Shoes – The Boston Tea Party
Leather On My Shoes – Chris De Burgh
Travellin’ Shoes – Bill Wood
Muddy Shoes – Elmore James
Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes – Paul Simon
Welfare Shoes – Dancing Hoods
Shoes – Brooke Benton
Wing Tip Shoes – Henry Lee Summer
Shoeshiner’s Drag – Lionel Hampton
Nobody Can Fill Your Shoes – Conway Twitty
Soul Shoes – Graham Parker
My Little Suede Shoes – Sadik Hakim
Shoe Shine Man – Jimmy Davis & Junction
Red Goose Shoes – Sharky’s Machine
Who Will Shoe Your Pretty Little Foot – Von Dexter Orchestra
Shoemaker’s Holiday – Jimmie Lunceford and His Orchestra
Mama Get Down Those Rock & Roll Shoes – NRBQ
(The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes – Elvis Costello
Standin in My Shoes – Leo Kottke
Step In My Shoes – Ruby Turner
Shoeshine Boy – The Humblebums
The Captain’s Fat Theresa Shoes – GTO’s
Put On Your Dancing Shoes – Steve Winwood
Soft Shoe Booty – King Sun
Rock and Roll Shoes – Ray Charles
Italian Shoes – Dynatones
House Shoes – Bar-Kays
Turtle Shoes – Bobby McFerrin
Walkin’ Shoes – Tora Tora
My Father’s Shoes – Cliff Eberhardt
Country Shoes – Alexis Korner & Snape
Shoes – Dick Curless
Those Shoes – Eagles
Wooden Shoes – Texas Instruments
She’s Got Another Pair of Shoes – Alan Price
Hole in the Shoe Blues – Thomas Jefferson Kaye
2000 Shoes – Big Audio Dynamite
Shoes – Bobby Bland
Sailin’ Shoes – Littlr Feet
Happy Shoes – Joe Beck
Shiny Black FBI Shoes – A Tent
Goody Two Shoes – Adam and the Ants
Breakin’ in a Pair of Shoes – Manny Albam and His Orchestra
Brown Shoes – Karen Alexander
Wedding Shoes – Alistair Anderson with Fennig’s All-Star String Band
Sand in My Shoes – Toni Arden
A Shine on Your Shoes – Fred Astaire
Stepping Out of These Shoes – Mick Audsley
Tied Shoes – Auracle
Take Your Shoes Off Baby – Gene Austin
Stranger in Blue Suede Shoes – Kevin Ayers
Dancing Shoes – Kathi Baker
(I Don’t Want To) Hang Up My Rock and Roll Shoes – The Band
Mercury Shoes – Jesse Barish
I Wont’ Step on Your Shoes – Barnaby Bye
Rockin’ Shoes – Paul Barrère
Boogie Woogie Dancing Shoes – Claudja Barry
Old Shoe – Joe Bauer
Soul Shoes – Graham Parker
Who’s Going to Shoe Your Pretty Little Foot – Allan Block & Ralph Lee Smith
My Shoes – Hippos Blue
New Shoes – Pearl Bailey
Sweet Goody Two Shoes – The Blend
Rock In My Shoe – Hank Williams, Jr.
Two Shoes – Carlos Núñez
Jungle Shoes – Bernie Krause
In His Shoes – The Screaming Tribesmen
When My Shoes Are Loose – Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer
Boogie Shoes – KC & the Sunshine Band
Paper In My Shoe – BooZoo Chavis
Sensible Shoes – David Lee Roth
Water In And Out of my Shoe – Men & Volts
Shoe Salesman – Alice Cooper
Paper Shoes – Yoko Ono
Radio Shoes – Bruce Cockburn
Hair Shoes – Pale Saints
…and over 400 more!

the SALE Continues…

7 12 2008


Come on down and help us pay the rent here at the ARChive and pick up some great bargains @ bargain prices – CDs, books, singles, LPS – all for a good cause


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