What Storm?

28 10 2012

Well it’s the storm that is keeping me in India – That’s what storm.  So as no one from United Airlines has the slightest idea what to do to help, I’ll show you this sky related item:  A beautiful specialty generic 45 sleeve that Angel in India had made to package their ‘ethnic’ releases.  Very nice indeed I think.  NOW, can I fly home?


26 10 2012

Traffic moves at a snail’s pace and a high db here in Mumbai.  The car horn outranks the conch shell for summoning the gods, or at least warning them that a taxi or cycle-rickshaw is cumming up on the inside.  Here’s a car horn dealership in Chor Bazaar.  Honest, they will blast each one for you.  Just ask.

Keeping the theme going, a recent purchase.  Hey, does Marty know about this?

Sale-ers Delight

25 10 2012

Here’s a pic of Suresh, collector extraordinaire and my erstwhile record guide to the Chor Bazaar (Thieves Market).  Easy to find the record salers here, not just the well-spelled signage, but by the dangling discs.Here’s a few more finds from Chor and from a dealer in the arcade in Fort.  The top two are really my top 2, spanning our ‘Days.”  The Armaan-ies do a Hindi-samba, referencing our last Brazilian Music Day, and the S+Sers cover ABBA, spanning 2013’s Indian and 2014’s Scandinavian Days.  Who could ask for anything more?

An Indian Ocean of Sound

22 10 2012

Yesterday I walked to the Indian Ocean.

Then, visited journalist and author Naresh Fernandes.  Naresh has written the incredible Taj Mahal Foxtrot, a  history of early jazz in India.  And who says it doesn’t mean anything to blog?  Naresh saw the photos of my record purchases I posted and realized I had a Jetliners LP from Ceylon that he didn’t.  Like any respectable collector, he went out on the street and found one!  Here he is showing off our inspiration with the other Jetliners already on his shelves.  Now if he could only find one in as good a condition as ours…






While his latest book is on Jazz, he also collects pop – Here are some some choice items:

And on 45rpm, Oh, Om, how that slo-mo sitar Edelwiess sends me…

What’s great about these “Music Days” is discovering things – like a major Disco producer and songwriter, who gave us the impossibly great  ‘Kung Fu Fighting” by Carl Douglas was an Indian identified on record as Biddu.  British based, Grammy Award winning Biddu Appaiah even published an autobiography.  Who knew?

Off to Chor Bazaar , colorfully named Thieves Market to look for vinyls.

Flying Monkey Motorcycle Gang

21 10 2012

Street image of Hanuman, the ever-faithful servant, occasional deity, and leader of that flying monkey motorcycle gang that set much of Ceylon on fire.

Street image of my last meal and first authentic street samosa in 42 years.  It was incredible, and I think I’ll have both of them…

Now there are mysteries that go beyond creating great cuisine and understanding god, and this is one of them: how would an Indian with a flute tree, in India, think to play “El Condor Passa” to sell his flutes?  Is there an AmerIndian-AsianIndian nexus unknown to us?  Is he a Simon and Garfunkle fan?  Maybe it appeared in a Bollywood film? No one from the Andes peddle their skills on the streets here.  It’s just me and my monkey…

I Turn the Floor Over to the Chair to Read the Record…

20 10 2012


20 10 2012

Just realized that I have skipped over a few important things, and so, I would like to show you…

A series of unissued discs from Rupayan Sansthan, The Rajasthan Institute of Folklore,  Jodhpur.  They were graciously donated to ARC by Mr. Kothari, head of the Institute.  He remembers maybe in an edition of 500 in the early 1970s.  We will get others in the set (how many others?) as they search for them.  Can’t wait to get home and have a listen.

The Rajasthan trip included music events beyond the puppet show I have spoken about.  At the Arna Jharna Desert Museum we heard a musical performance by Langa folk musicians.  The museum also featured a exhibition on the ubiquitous straw broom used throughout India.  Honestly simple and beautiful.

On our last night it was off to the races as we took a camel ride into the desert.  (Hey, fellow musicologists, send me pics you took of me on Bessie!).  Here’s a snap of  a troupe of Manganiar musicians that we just happened to bring along with us, performing at sunset.

I honestly can’t believe I can post this sitting on a terrace overlooking the Ganges.  On my last trip to India, 1970, it was nearly impossible to make a phonecall.

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