Reflecting on the Sale…

20 06 2008

The sale’s over. Next sale Begins Saturday, Dec 13. Just thought we’d toss out a few images before we get back to cataloging and caring for the world’s largest popular music collection.

What can you do with those antique round sound thingies? Hey, they’re shinny and work really well as reflectors on the streets on New York.  Ask Lester.

More importantly, who shops at the ARC sale?  Well for one, sophisticated ladies in tropical skirts – here’s a shot from our opening night party…

Don’t forget to donate new, used and unwanted recordings in any format to the library. We compare all donations to the existing collection (2 million recordings) and only sell things when they are THIRD copies.

So see you in December. We’ll still be under the spell of those worthless Bush dollars, so Euroshoppers come on down!

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