Brazil vs India – go with the flow

15 05 2013

Some things are just too good to be true.  While finishing off the cataloging of recordings that ARC collected for Brazilian Music Day, in preparation for India Music Week, I came across this album by Egberto Gismonti.


It’s the perfect transition – the perfect bridge between the two cultures and the annual focuses here at the ARC.  Last year Brazil, this year India.  Força Lascada (EMI, Brazil, 064 422 940, 1984) offers a jazzy and dissonant use of a dilruba and the “sitara” – untuned, loung-ey and peculiar – as nearly all such cultural mashups are.

It’s the perfect addition to the collection we’re building of non-Indian musicians incorporating Asian Indian instruments into their music. Often it’s a straight ahead and flatly melodic use, like on a Beatles record.  But sometimes it’s an avant-garde mess bordering on genius.  As this is.  At least on two cuts.

We’ll have a full rundown and essay on more than 30 of these recordings ready for India Music Week in Oct.  Stay un-tuned!

AS YOU MAY KNOW our Swingin’ Summer Record + CD Sale is coming up – June 8 – 16.  So another benefit of re-Brazilin’ is the big pile of Brazilian/Brasilian LPs that we will have at our sale.  Things in near mint condition, like below @ below market prices…



Bossa 4 Sale

4 06 2012

ARC’s cool SUMMER hot Record + CD SALE
Sat, June 9 and runs through Sun, June 17 –  everyday, 11am – 6pm.

Come by for some tasty 60s bossa CD, all donated by Verve Records.

$8 each  – cheaper than downloading!

You can Join the ARC (on PAYPAL or by calling us) and attend our Pre-Sale Party on Thursday evening, June 7.

This is our major fundraiser, so come by and shop  – books, CDs, LPs, singles, VHS, DVDs, sheet music + more.    Help us out !  Blog, face, tweet, post or shout out about our sale…

Thanks to the great folks and old friends who are donating treats the night of the
PARTY for ARC members on Thursday evening June 7!    Brooklyn’s Bonnie’s Grill (hotwings + beer). Tribeca’s Bubble Lounge (champagne), and Hudson Clearwater (food platter).
Krrb is your host for the evening, a local classified startup. Do visit:

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