Paris – Day four – Sun Ra Learns to Weave

22 12 2013

musicians Dufy13Visited Decorum, a tapestry exhibition by artists @ Musée D’Art Moderne and there was an unexpected soundtrack running throughout.  My ear caught by Sun Ra’s aptly named “Tapestry From An Asteroid.”  Pretty hip, not to mention Can, Dave Holland, John Cage, Aphex Twin, Eno and the Poetics.  All programed by a Jean-Philippe Antoine.

Never been to this museum and it was treat and a surprise, mainly for the many gigantic works, much of it from the site of the 1937 Paris Exposition.  One highlight is the monumental-roomsized Le Fée Electricité (The Magic of Electricity), some musicians from the broadcast section above.  Also from the fair are massive versions of ‘The Dance’ by Matisse, designed for archways that I had never seen.  I had also never seen such large paintings by Robert Delaunay – here’s the aptly named (for ARCsters) Rythme Number 1.



Minuet of Mayhem

22 04 2010

My ‘Minute of Mayhem’ honoring punk impresario Malcolm McLaren (who I was not a fan of, but, geeze, he did do something) is the 45 rpm 12” Booji Boy version of “(I cån’t gèt mé nö) Satisfaction” by Devo (BOY 1, 1977).  Malcolm was buried today, and the family suggested a fitting alternative to a minute of silence.

Boogie Boy was the boy’s own label outa CLE, Ohio.  It’s a sheer joy homemade mix, sticker pasted on a generic sleeve, with an opening that is way red, back when there were VU meters that needed to be adjusted.  No really, red as in the speakers are about to pop, what real pop is all about.  You can get the later, limited Warner Brothers and Stiff versions, professionally mixed by Eno – my favorite producer makes it palatable, but it’s no plate breaker.  So get loud for just a minute or so today.  My Earth Day is seismic.

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