Waters of March

31 03 2009

As March drips away, if you’re like me, you’ve been playing various versions of Jobim’s Águas de Março  (Waters of March) all month.  We’ve got about 40 cover versions @ the ARC.  A moving recent version is by BossaCucaNova, (Bossa Cuca Nova Ao Vivo.  Ziriguiboom, Brasil, ZIR 32, 2009) on the new CD + DVD of a live concert with many guest artists.  So here’s to one of the greatest “list’ songs ever written and to the beginning of spring.


Original score in Jobim’s handwriting, published in the Disco the Bolso (Pocket Record), a bonus record included in the weekly magazine O Pasquim, printed in Rio de Janeiro, on May, 1972.   Source: http://www.jobim.com.br/e.index.html

Sounds best in Portuguese, but here’s the English translation of the lyrics,

Waters of March

It’s stick, it’s stone
It’s the end of the road
It’s a rest of stump
It’s a little alone

It’s a shard of glass
It is life, it’s the sun
It is night, it is death
It’s the snare, it’s the fishhook

It’s peroba of the field
It’s the knot in the wood
Lamp caingá tree
It’s the matita-pereira tree

It’s wind-resistant wood
Falls of the ravine
It’s the profound mystery
It’s the you wish or you don’t

It’s the wind blowing
It’s the end of the slope
It’s the beam, it’s the span
The new roof party

It’s the rain raining
It’s riverbank talk
Of the waters of March
It’s the end of the struggle

It’s the foot, it’s the ground
It’s the walk on the road
Small bird in the hand
A slingshot stone

It’s a bird in the sky
It’s a bird on the ground
It’s a creek, it’s a fountain
It’s a piece of bread

It’s the bottom of the well
It’s the end of the way
In the face the annoyance
It’s a little lonely

It’s a thorn, it’s a nail
It’s a point, it’s a dot
It’s a drop dripping
It’s an tally, it’s a tale

It’s a fish, it’s a gesture
It’s silver shining
It’s the morning’s light
It’s the brick arriving

It’s the firewood, it’s the day
It’s the end of the trail
It’s the bottle of liquor
Splinter in the road

It’s the house’s design
It’s the body in bed
It’s the broken down car
It’s the mud, it’s the mud

It’s a footstep, it’s a bridge
It’s a toad, it’s a frog
It’s a rest of brush
In the morning’s light

They are the waters of March
Closing the summer
It’s the promise of life
In your heart

It’s a snake, it’s a stick
It’s John, it’s Joseph
It’s a thorn in the hand
It’s the cut on the foot

They are the waters of March
Closing the summer
It’s the promise of life
In your heart

It’s stick, it’s stone
It’s the end of the road
It’s a rest of stump
It’s a little alone

It’s a footstep, a bridge
It’s a toad, it’s a frog
It’s a beautiful horizon
It’s a tertian fever

They are the waters of March
Closing the summer
It’s the promise of life
In your heart

And here’s Waters of March as re-written, in English, by Jobim:

A stick, a stone,
It’s the end of the road,
It’s the rest of a stump,
It’s a little alone

It’s a sliver of glass,
It is life, it’s the sun,
It is night, it is death,
It’s a trap, it’s a gun

The oak when it blooms,
A fox in the brush,
A knot in the wood,
The song of a thrush

The wood of the wind,
A cliff, a fall,
A scratch, a lump,
It is nothing at all

It’s the wind blowing free,
It’s the end of the slope,
It’s a beam, it’s a void,
It’s a hunch, it’s a hope

And the river bank talks
of the waters of March,
It’s the end of the strain,
The joy in your heart

The foot, the ground,
The flesh and the bone,
The beat of the road,
A slingshot’s stone

A fish, a flash,
A silvery glow,
A fight, a bet,
The range of a bow

The bed of the well,
The end of the line,
The dismay in the face,
It’s a loss, it’s a find

A spear, a spike,
A point, a nail,
A drip, a drop,
The end of the tale

A truckload of bricks
in the soft morning light,
The shot of a gun
in the dead of the night

A mile, a must,
A thrust, a bump,
It’s a girl, it’s a rhyme,
It’s a cold, it’s the mumps

The plan of the house,
The body in bed,
And the car that got stuck,
It’s the mud, it’s the mud

Afloat, adrift,
A flight, a wing,
A hawk, a quail,
The promise of spring

And the riverbank talks
of the waters of March,
It’s the promise of life
It’s the joy in your heart

A stick, a stone,
It’s the end of the road
It’s the rest of a stump,
It’s a little alone

A snake, a stick,
It is John, it is Joe,
It’s a thorn in your hand
and a cut in your toe

A point, a grain,
A bee, a bite,
A blink, a buzzard,
A sudden stroke of night

A pin, a needle,
A sting, a pain,
A snail, a riddle,
A wasp, a stain

A pass in the mountains,
A horse and a mule,
In the distance the shelves
rode three shadows of blue

And the riverbank talks
of the waters of March,
It’s the promise of life
in your heart, in your heart

A stick, a stone,
The end of the road,
The rest of a stump,
A lonesome road

A sliver of glass,
A life, the sun,
A knife, a death,
The end of the run

And the riverbank talks
of the waters of March,
It’s the end of all strain,
It’s the joy in your heart.

Source of lyrics : Elma Lia Nascimento  @   http://www.brazzil.com/p08sep01.htm

643 Blues and R+B 7″ Singles Added to The Keith Richards’ Blues Collection

22 10 2013


Longtime ARC supporter and pal, Don Voisine has made a move and it was ARC’s good fortune to be given his record collection. Among the thousands a great many wonderful Blues recordings here, but we thought we would focus on his 643 Blues and R+B singles. All are 7” vinyl 45 rpm singles. N.d at the end means there was no date listed on the disc. So why is the ARC valuable? – one reason is that few libraries or archives are collecting or cataloging their 7” singles!

So here they are, the latest additions to the 15,000+ discs in The Keith Richards’ Blues Collection here at the ARC. Thanks Don.

• Johnny Ace. Pledging My Love / Anymore (Duke, 136, n.d.)
• Johnny Acey. I Go Into Orbit / What Am I Going to Do (Fling, 728, n.d.)
• Little Marie Allen with Chuck Booker’s Band. Humdinger / Oh, Oh, I’m in Love (Triumph, 45-603, n.d.)
• Ricky Allen. Messed Around and Fell in Love / I Have Made a Change (U.S.A., 808, n.d.)
• Jimmy Anderson and the Joy Jumpers. I Wanna Boogie / Angel Please (Dot, 45-16341, n.d.)
• Billy Boy. Rockin’ Itis / Prisoner’s Plea (Vee Jay, VJ 260, n.d.)
• Billy Boy. School Time / You’re My Girl (Bluesville, 45-827, n.d.)
• Billy Boy. I Wish You Would / Prisoner’s Plea (Vivid, V-109, n.d.)
• Billy Boy Arnold / Van McCoy. Rockin Itis / Mister D.J. (Halo, H-1005, n.d.)
• LaVern Baker. I Waited Too Long / You’re Teasing Me (Atlantic, 45-2021, n.d.)
• LaVern Baker. You’d Better Find Yourself Another Fool / Go Away (Atlantic, 45-2234, n.d.)
• LaVern Baker. Shake a Hand / Manana (Atlantic, 45-2048, n.d.)
• LaVern Baker. Voodoo Voodoo / Hey Memphis (Atlantic, 45-2119, n.d.)
• LaVern Baker. Bumble Bee / My Time Will Come (Atlantic, 45-2077, n.d.)
• LaVern Baker. Jim Dandy / Tra La La (Atlantic, 45-1116, n.d.)
• Mickey “Guitar” Baker. Shake Walkin’ / Greasy Spoon (Rainbow, 45-288, n.d.)
• Berna-Dean. I Walk in My Sleep / Little Willie (Imperial, 5792, n.d.)
• Chuck Berry. Bye, Bye Johnny / Dear Dad (Collectables, COL-3474, n.d.)
• Chuck Berry. Oh Baby Doll / Wee Wee Hours (Collectables, COL-3470, n.d.)
• Chuck Berry. No Money Down / Downbound Train (Chess, 1615, n.d.)
• Chuck Berry. Wee Wee Hours / Maybellene (Chess, 1604, n.d.)
• Chuck Berry. Thirty Days / Together (We Will Always Be) (Chess, 1610, n.d.)
• Chuck Berry. School Day (Ring Ring Goes the Bell) / Deep Feeling (Chess, 1653, n.d.)
• Chuck Berry. Memphis, Tennessee / Back in the U.S.A. (Chess, 1729, n.d.)
• Chuck Berry. Sweet Little Sixteen / Reelin’ and Rocking (Chess, 1683, n.d.)
• Chuck Berry. No Particular Place to Go / You Two (Chess, 1898, n.d.)
• Chuck Berry. Nadine (Is It You?) / O Rangutang (Chess, 1883, n.d.)
• Chuck Berry. Dear Dad / Lonely School Days (Chess, 1926, n.d.)
• Chuck Berry. Come On / Go-Go-Go (Chess, 1799, n.d.)
• Chuck Berry. You Never Can Tell / Brenda Lee (Chess, 1906, n.d.)
• Chuck Berry. You Can’t Catch Me / Havana Moon (Chess, 1645, n.d.)
• Chuck Berry. Almost Grown / Little Queenie (Chess, 1722, n.d.)
• Chuck Berry. Promised Land / Things I Used to Do (Chess, 1916, n.d.)
• Chuck Berry. Go, Bobby Soxer / Little Marie (Chess, 1912, n.d.)
• Chuck Berry. No Particular Place to Go / You Two (Chess, 1898, n.d.)
• Chuck Berry. Rock and Roll Music / Johnny B. Goode (Mercury Celebrity Series, C-30146, n.d.)
• Big Maybelle. Ring Dang Dilly / So Long (Savoy, 45-1527, n.d.)
• Big Maybelle. Candy / That’s a Pretty Good Love (Savoy, 45-1595, n.d.)
• Big Maybelle. Pitiful / A Good Man Is Hard to Find (Savoy, 45-1572, n.d.)
• Big Maybelle. Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On / One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show (OKeh, 4-7060, n.d.)
• Big Maybelle. It’s a Man’s Man’s World / Maybelle Sings the Blues (Chess, 1967, n.d.)
• Big Maybelle. Gabbin’ Blues / New Kind of Mambo (OKeh, 4-7069, n.d.)
• Big Moose. Puppy Howl Blues / Rambling Woman (The Blues, 301, n.d.)
• Big Time Sara. Big Time Operator / Long Tall Daddy (Airway, 4745, n.d.)
• Big Walter and His Thunderbirds. Pack Fair and Square / Hello Maria (Peacock, 5-1666, n.d.)
• Big Walter. Get to Gitten’ / Nobody Loves Me (Tear Drop, 3130, n.d.)
• Big Walter and the Thunderbirds. Watusie Freeze (Myrl, 409, n.d.)
• Larry Birdsong. If You Don’t Want Me No More / I’m Pleading Just for You (Vee Jay, VJ 254, n.d.)
• Larry Birdsong. You’re My Baby / Somebody Somewhere (Champion, 1015, n.d.)
• Larry Birdsong. I’ll Pick My Own Chicken / I’d Like to Try It One More Time (Ref-O-Ree, 719, n.d.)
• Otis Blackwell. Daddy Rollin’ Stone / Tears! Tears! Tears! (Jay-Dee, 784-45, n.d.)
• Edgar Blanchard and His Band. Ricki-Ticki-Too / Mr. Bumps (Specialty, SP-585, n.d.)
• Edgar Blanchard. Let’s Get It / Lonesome Guitar (Ric, 954, n.d.)
• Bobby Blue Bland; Bill Harvey Orchestra. It’s My Life, Baby / Time Out (Duke, 141, n.d.)
• Bobby Bland. I’ll Take Care of You / That’s Why (Duke, 314, n.d.)
• Blues Boy Willie. Be Who – 3 / Hard Headed Woman (Ichiban, 92-265, n.d.)
• Eddie Bo. I’m So Tired / We Like Mambo (Ace, 515, n.d.)
• Eddie Bo / Luther Dixon. Oh-Oh / Feeling of Love (Chess, -, n.d.)
• Juke Boy Bonner. Yakin’ in My Plans / Runnin’ Shoes (Blues Unlimited, 101, n.d.)
• Eddie Boyd. I’m Comin’ Home / Thank You, Baby (Bea & Baby, 101, n.d.)
• Tiny Bradshaw. Heavy Juice / The Blues Came Pouring Down (King, 45-4621, n.d.)
• Tiny Bradshaw. I’m Going to Have Myself a Ball / Knockin’ Blues (King, K-17019, n.d.)
• Tiny Bradshaw and His Orchestra. Cat Fruit / Stack of Dollars (King, 45-4747, n.d.)
• Tiny Bradshaw / Annie Laurie. The Train Kept A’Rollin’ /It Hurts to Be in Love (Collectables, COL 3654, n.d.)
• Jackie Brenston / Paul Bascombe. Independent Woman / Mumbles Blues (Specialty, Jamaica, -, n.d.)
• Jackie Brenston with Ike Turner’s Kings of Rhythm. Gonna Wait for My Chance / What Can It Be (Federal, 45-12283, n.d.)
• Jackie Brenston with Ike Turner’s Kings of Rhythm. Much Later / The Mistreater (Federal, 45-12291, n.d.)
• Louis Brooks and His Hi-Toppers. It’s Love Baby (24 Hours a Day) / Chicken Shuffle (Excello, 45-2056, n.d.)
• Skippy Brooks’ Combo. Doin’ the Horse / Dim Lights (Excello, 45-2188, n.d.)
• Andrew Brown. If We Try / You Ought to Be Ashamed (4 Brothers, 4B446, n.d.)
• B. Brown and his Rockin’ McVouts. Hardworking Man / My Baby Left Me (Vest, 827, n.d.)
• B.B. Brown. I Weep / That’s It, Let’s Quit (Dit Dot, 0001, n.d.)
• Benny Brown. Slick Baby / Pappa! (Gotham, G7293, n.d.)
• Buster Brown. Fanny Mae / Lost in a Dream (Fire, 1008, n.d.)
• Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown. Swingin’ the Gate / Just Before Dawn (Peacock, 5-1692, n.d.)
• Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown. Okie Dokie Stomp / Depression Blues (Peacock, 5-1637, n.d.)
• Nappy Brown. I’ve Had My Fun / Didn’t You Know (Savoy, 1616, n.d.)
• Roy Brown. Let the Four Winds Blow / Diddy-Y-Diddy-O (Imperial, x5439, n.d.)
• Roy Brown. Love for Sale / It’s My Fault Darling (Mercury, 73166, n.d.)
• Roy Brown. School Bell Rock / Ain’t No Rocking No More (King, 45-5247, n.d.)
• Roy Brown and his Mighty, Mighty Men. Queen of Diamonds / Fannie Brown Got Married (King, 45-4761, n.d.)
• Roy Brown. Hip Shakin’ Baby / Be My Love Tonight (Imperial, X5510, n.d.)
• Roy Brown. Separation Blues / Good Sweet Loving (Tru-Love, TL x 448, n.d.)
• Ruth Brown. Lucky Lips / My Heart Is Breaking Over You (Atlantic, 45-1125, n.d.)
• Ruth Brown. (Mama) He Treats Your Daughter Mean / R.B. Blues (Atlantic, 45-986, n.d.)
• Ruth Brown. Anyone But You / It Tears Me All to Pieces (Atlantic, 2104, n.d.)
• Beulah Bryant. What Am I Gonna Do? / Prize Fightin’ Papa (Excello, 45-2049, n.d.)
• Allen Bunn. My Kinda Woman / Too Much Competition (Red Robin, 124-X45, n.d.)
• Eddie Burns. The Thing to Do / Mean and Evil (Baby) (Harvey, HA-115, n.d.)
• R.L. Burnside. Georgia Women / Four Women (Sympathy for the Record industry, SFTRI 494, n.d.)
• Harold Burrage. Messed Up / I Don’t Care Who Knows (Cobra, 5012, n.d.)
• Harold Burrage. Betty Jean / I Cry for You (Cobra, 5026, n.d.)
• Harold Burrage. A Fool (For Hiding My Love From You) / Say You Love Me (Paso, 102, n.d.)
• Harold Burrage and Willie Dixon Band. She Knocks Me Out / A Heart (Filled With Pain) (Cobra, 5022, n.d.)
• George (Wild Child) Butler. Hold Me Baby / Do Something Baby (Jewel, 769, n.d.)
• Wynona Carr. Jump Jack, Jump / Hurt Me (Specialty, SP-580, n.d.)
• Carter Brothers. Booze in the Bottle /Stop Talking in Your Sleep (Jewel, 754, n.d.)
• Ray Chalres. See See Rider (Lord What Have You Done) / I Used to Be So Happy (Baronet, 7111, n.d.)
• Ray Charles. This Little Girl of Mine / A Fool for You (Atlantic, 45-1063, n.d.)
• Ray Charles. Get on the Right Track / It’s All Right (Atlantic, 45-1143, n.d.)
• Ray Charles. It Should Have Been Me / Am I Blue (Atlantic, 45-2106, n.d.)
• Ray Charles. Lonely Avenue / Leave My Woman Alone (Atlantic, 45-1108, n.d.)
• Ray Charles. Early in the Morning / A Bit of Soul (Atlantic, 45-2094, n.d.)
• Ray Charles. Rockhouse (Atlantic, 45-2006, n.d.)
• Ray Charles. The Great Ray Charles (Atlantic, 597, 7″, vinyl disc-Single or Ep, n.d.)
• Ray Charles. Mess Around / Funny (But I Still Love You) (Atlantic, 45-999, n.d.)
• Willie Chilsom. I Sure Like You /Running Out of Time (Trella, 1001, n.d.)
• Charles Clark and Willie Dixon Band. Row Your Boat / Hidden Charms (Artistic, 1500, n.d.)
• Eddie Clearwater / The Miracles. Hillbilly Blues / Would I Love You (Excaliber, E-505, n.d.)
• Joe (Youngblood) Cobb. It’s L.B. Time (Gossip Tree, 10665-9, n.d.)
• Joe (Youngblood) Cobb. It’s L.B. Time / Bill’s Bag (exSPECT more, 10655, n.d.)
• Jommy Coe and his Gay Cats of Rhythm. Run Jody Run / The Jet (States, S-155, n.d.)
• Hooks Coleman. Fine Young Girl / Teen-Age Baby (Excello, 45-2193, n.d.)
• Albert Collins. Defrost / Albert’s Alley (Hall Way, S-1795, n.d.)
• Albert Collins. Frosty / Tremble (Hall, 1920, n.d.)
• Albert Collins. Thaw-Out / Backstrock (Hall, 45-1925, n.d.)
• Johnny Copeland. Heebie Jeebies / I Need You Now (Paradise, 1013, n.d.)
• Johnny Copeland. Provin’ Time / Love Prayer (Resco, 632, n.d.)
• Cousin Leroy. I’m Lonesome / Up the River (Ember, E-1023, n.d.)
• Pee Wee Crayton. Blues After Hours / Blues in My Heart (Modern Oldies, 45xMX10, n.d.)
• Pee Wee Crayton. Texas Hop / Tired of Travelin’ (Modern Oldies, 45xMX22, n.d.)
• Pee Wee Crayton. Runnin’ Wild / Eyes Full of Tears (Imperial, X5345, n.d.)
• Pee Wee Crayton. I Need Your Love / You Know, Yeah (Imperial, X5321, n.d.)
• G. Davy Crocket. Look Out Mable / Did You Ever Love Somebody (That Didn’t Love You) (Chief, 7010, n.d.)
• G.L. Crockett. Look Out Mabel / Did You Ever Love Somebody (Checker, 1121, n.d.)
• Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup. That’s All Right / Crudup’s After Hours (RCA Victor, 50-0000, n.d.)
• Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup. Dig Myself a Hole / Katie Mae (Fire, 1502, n.d.)
• Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup / The Four Voices. She’s Got No Hair / Honest Darling (Coast, CO-105, n.d.)
• Earl Curry and his orchestra. One Whole Year Baby / I Want Your Lovin’ (RPM, 45×402, n.d.)
• Daddy Cleanhead and the Chuck Higgins Band. Something’s Goin’ on in My Room / Let Me Come Back Home (Specialty, SP-541, n.d.)
• Larry Dale & His Houserockers. I Got a Brand New Mojo / Penny Pincher (Juke Blues, UK, LD 3229, n.d.)
• Larry Dale. Let Your Love Run to Me / Let the Doorbell Ring (Glover, 208, n.d.)
• Larry Dale / Bleu Lites. Drinkin’ Wine / Forever (Seville, S-1020, n.d.)
• Detroit Junior. Money Tree / So Unhappy (Bea & Baby, 111, n.d.)
• Bo Diddley. I’m a Man / Say Man (Collectables, COL 3424, n.d.)
• Bo Diddley. Mama, Keep Your Big Mouth Shut / Jo-Ann (Checker, 1083, n.d.)
• Bo Diddley. Road Runner / My Story (Checker, 942, n.d.)
• Bo Diddley. Hey, Good Lookin’ / You Ain’t Bad (As You Claim to Be) (Checker, 1098, n.d.)
• Bo Diddley. Dearest Darling / Hush Your Mouth (Checker, 896, n.d.)
• Bo Diddley. Crawdad / Walkin’ and Talkin’ (Checker, 951, n.d.)
• Bo Diddley. Gun Slinger / Signifying Blues (Checker, 965, n.d.)
• Bo Diddley. Oh Yeah / I’m Sorry (Checker, 914, n.d.)
• Bo Diddley. Pills / Call Me (Checker, 985, n.d.)
• Bo Diddley. Diddley Daddy / She’s Fine, She’s Mine (Checker, 819, n.d.)
• Bo Diddley. Diddy Wah Diddy / I Am Looking for a Woman (Checker, 832, n.d.)
• Bo Diddley. Bring it to Jerome / Pretty Thing (Checker, 827, n.d.)
• Bo Diddley. Who Do You Love? / I’m Bad (Checker, 842, n.d.)
• Bo Diddley / Billy Stewart. Bring it to Jerome / Reap What You Sow (Collectables, COL 3486, n.d.)
• Floyd Dixon. Oooh Little Girl / What Is Life Without a Home? (Ebb, 105, n.d.)
• Floyd Dixon. Hey Bartender / Is It True (Cat, 45-114, n.d.)
• Floyd Dixon. Hard Living Alone / Please Don’t Go (Specialty, 468, n.d.)
• Floyd Dixon & His Orch.. Dance the Thing / Change Your Mind (Kent, 45×311, n.d.)
• Bill Doggett. Honky Tonk (King, 45-4950, n.d.)
• Fats Domino. I’m Walkin’ (Imperial, X5428, n.d.)
• Fats Domino. Whole Lotta Loving / Coquette (Imperial, X5553, n.d.)
• Fats Domino. Wigs/ Why Don’t You Do Right (ABC-Paramount, 45-10631, n.d.)
• K.C. (Country Boy) Douglas. The Things I’d Do for You / The Little Greenhouse (Galaxy, 753, n.d.)
• Little Shy Guy. Let’s Rock and Roll / My Little Baby (Calvert, 107, n.d.)
• Bo Dudley. Shotgun Rider / Coast to Coast (F-M, 745, n.d.)
• Champion Jack Dupree. Number Nine Blues / Stumbling Block Blues (Red Robin, 109-X45, n.d.)
• Champion Jack Dupree. Drunk Again / Shim Sham Shimmy (Red Robin, 130-X45, n.d.)
• Champion Jack Dupree. Shake Baby Shake / Highway Blues (Red Robin, 112-X45, n.d.)
• Champion Jack Dupree. Evil Woman / My Mother-in-Law (Atlantic, 45-2095, n.d.)
• Champion Jack Dupree. Junker’s Blues / T.B. Blues (Atlantic, South Africa, PD. 7-8639, n.d.)
• Jack Dupree and Mr. Bear. Walking the Blues (King, 45-4812, n.d.)
• The Earthworms. Mo’Taters / Fishtail (Bobbin, 136, n.d.)
• Willie Egans. She’s Gone Away, But – / Willie’s Blues (Vita, 45-119, n.d.)
• Willie Eggins. Wow Wow / What a Shame (Mambo, 102, n.d.)
• Billy “The Kid” Emerson. Every Woman I Know (Crazy About Automobiles) / I Took It So Hard (Aldon, 0002, n.d.)
• Billy Emerson. Holy Mackerel Baby / Believe Me (Chess, 1728, n.d.)
• Billy “The Kid” Emerson. Every Woman I Know / Tomorrow Never Comes (Vee Jay, VJ 219, n.d.)
• Esquerita. Laid Off / Just Another Lie (Capitol, F4145, n.d.)
• Esquerita. Oh Baby / Please Come on Home (Capitol, F4007, n.d.)
• Eskew Reeder. Johnny Little / A Tear (Everest, 2025, n.d.)
• Eskew Reeder. Green Door / I Waited Too Long (Minit, 648, n.d.)
• Eskew Reeder. The Flu / Undivided Love (Instant, 3258, n.d.)
• Esquerita. Rockin’ the Joint / Esquerita and the Voola (Capitol, F4058, n.d.)
• Fention and the Castle Rockers / David Dean’s Combo. Freeze / Double Freeze (Duke, 190, n.d.)
• Eugene Fox. The Dream / Sinner’s Dream (Checker, 792, n.d.)
• Frank Frost. Crawlback / Jelly Roll King (Phillips, 3578, n.d.)
• Lowell Fulsom. Tramp / Pico (Kent, 45×456, n.d.)
• Lowell Fulsom. Blues Around Midnight / Talkin’ Woman (Kent, 45×443, n.d.)
• Lowell Fulson. Rock This Morning / I Want to Make Love to You (Checker, 882, n.d.)
• Lowell Fulson. Reconsider Baby / I Believe I’ll Give It Up (Checker, 804, n.d.)
• Bob Gaddy. Operator / I Love My Baby (Old Town, 1162, n.d.)
• Bob Gaddy. Rip and Run / Woe, Woe Is Me (Old Town, 1050, n.d.)
• Bob Gaddy. Blues Has Walked in My Room / Slow Down Baby (Harlem, 45-2330, n.d.)
• Cecil Gant. I Wonder / Cecil’s Boogie (Decca, 9-30320, n.d.)
• Clarence Garlow. Bon Ton Roula / Sound the Bell (Goldband, G 1065, n.d.)
• Clarence “Bon-Ton” Garlow and His Band. New Bon-Ton Roulay / Dreaming (Aladdin, 45-3179, n.d.)
• Robert Garrett. Do Remember / Quit My Drinkin’ (Excello, 45-2216, n.d.)
• Billy Gales. I’m Hurting / Dreaming of You (Shock, 200, n.d.)
• Billy Gayles with Ike Turner’s Kings of Rhythm. Do Right Baby / No Coming Back (Federal, 45-12282, n.d.)
• Billy Gayles with Ike Turner’s Rhythm Rockers. I’m Tore Up / If I Never Had Known You (Federal, 45-12265, n.d.)
• Billy Gayles with Ike Turner’s Kings of Rhythm. Just One More Time / Sad As a Man Can Be (Federal, 45-12287, n.d.)
• Paul Gayten; The Tune Weavers. Yo, Yo, Walk / Happy, Happy Birthday Baby (Checker, 872, n.d.)
• Paul Gayton. The Hunch / Hot Cross Buns (Anna, 1106, n.d.)
• Earl Gilliam. Wrong Doing Woman / Petite Baby (Sarg, 133-45, n.d.)
• Byron Gipson. The One I Love / Honey-Dew (Specialty, SP-566, n.d.)
• Flick Gipson and the Sliders. Footloose and Fancy-Free / Etta Mae (Specialty, 587, n.d.)
• Charles Glass with Orchestra. Screamin’ and Dyin’ (And Rollin’ on the Floor) / Left My Japanese Baby (Magnet, 45-7011, n.d.)
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• Guitar Frank / Big Brown & the Gamblers. Wild Track / My Testament (Norton, 862, n.d.)
• Guitar Gable. This Should Go On Forever / Please Operator (Excello, 45-2153, n.d.)
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• Guitar, Jr.. Love Me, Love Me / Knocks Me Out (Mercury, 71602×45, n.d.)
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• Long John Hunter. It’s Your Thing / Old Red (Yucca, 45-209, n.d.)
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• Lazy Lester. I Told My Little Woman / Tell Me Pretty Baby (Excello, 45-2129, n.d.)
• Lazy Lester. I’m a Lover, Not a Fighter / Sugar Coated Love (Excello, 45-2143, n.d.)
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• Little Richard. True Fine Mama / Oooh! My Soul (Specialty, 633, n.d.)
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• Little Walter and His Jukes. Too Late / I Hate to See You Go (Checker, 825, n.d.)
• Little Walter. Teenage Beat / Just a Feeling (Checker, 845, n.d.)
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• Lonesome Sundown. Learn to Trust Me Better / Love Me Now (Excello, 45-2174, n.d.)
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• Jerry McCain and His Upstarts. Things Ain’t Right / Run Uncle John! Run (Excello, 45-2081, n.d.)
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• Jimmy McCracklin. The Walk / I’m to Blame (Checker, 885, n.d.)
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• Big Jay McNeely and Band. Psycho Serenade (Swingin’, 45-618, n.d.)
• Big Jay McNeely and Band. The Squat (Swingin’, 45-637, n.d.)
• Memphis Slim. Steppin’ Out / My Gal Keeps Me Crying (Vee Jay, VJ 330, n.d.)
• Memphis Slim and His House Rockers. Sassy Mae / Wish Me Well (United, U-176, n.d.)
• Memphis Slim. Four Walls / Lonesome (Strand, 25041, n.d.)
• Bobby “Mr. Blues” Merrell. I Ain’t Mad At You / I’m Gonna Set You Free (Bargain, B-5002, n.d.)
• Elmon Mickle. Independent Walk / Short and Fat (JGems, 1908, n.d.)
• Amos Milburn and His Aladdin Chickenshackers. I Done Done It / Vicious, Vicious Vodka (Aladdin, 45-3253, n.d.)
• Amos Milburn and His Aladdin Chickenshackers. Oen Scotch, One Burbon, One Beer / What Can I Do? (Aladdin, 45-3197, n.d.)
• Amos Milburn and His Aladdin Chickenshackers. Good Good Whiskey / Let’s Have a Party (Aladdin, 45-3218, n.d.)
• Amos Milburn and Band. Juice, Juice, Juice / Chicken Shack (Aladdin, 45-3332, n.d.)
• Amos Milburn / Charles Brown. Christmas (Comes But Once a Year) / Please Come Home for Christmas (King, 45-5405, n.d.)
• Roy Milton. Red Light / So Tired (Warwick, M 662, n.d.)
• Bobby Mitchell. I’m Gonna Be a Wheel Someday / You Better Go Home (Imperial, X5475, n.d.)
• Bobby Mitchell & the Toppers. I’m Crying / Rack ‘Em Back (Imperial, 45-5236, n.d.)
• McKinley Mitchell. Lazy Dizzy Daisy / Rock Everybody Rock (Boxer, 204, n.d.)
• Model “T” Slim. Shake Your Boogie / Jackson, Tennessee (Magnum, 45-739, n.d.)
• Roy Montrell and His Band. (Every Time I Hear) That Mellow Saxophone / Oooh – Wow (Specialty, SP 583, n.d.)
• Abe Moore and Orchestra. S and J / Moore Boogie (Dig, 45-125, n.d.)
• Rudy Moore. I’m Mad With You / My Little Angel (Federal, 12253, n.d.)
• Rocket Morgan. Tag Along / What Ya Gonna Do? (Zynn, 507, n.d.)
• Johnnie Morisette. Don’t Throw Your Love on Me So Strong / Blue Monday (SAR, SAR 139, n.d.)
• Joe Morris Orch. featuring Mr. Stringbean. Pass the Juice Miss Lucy / Who’s Gonna Cry for Me (Herald, H-418, n.d.)
• Ella Mae Morse with Big Dave and His Orchestra. Barrelhouse, Boogie and the Blues (Capitol, EAP1 513, 7″, vinyl disc-Single or Ep, n.d.)
• Ella Mae Morse. Big Mamou / Is It Any Wonder (Capitol, F2441, n.d.)
• Big Boy Myles with Mac Rebennack’s Orchestra. New Orleans / Gray Bonnet (Ace, 605, n.d.)
• Big Boy Myles and the Shaw-Wees. Who’s Been Fooling You? / That Girl I Married (Specialty, SP 564, n.d.)
• Screamin’ Joe Neal. Rock and Roll Deacon / Tell Me Pretty Baby (Norton, 45-033, n.d.)
• Art Neville. What’s Going On / Arabian Love Call (Specialty, 656, n.d.)
• Willie Nix and His Combo. Just Can’t Stay / All By Yourself (Sabre, S-104, n.d.)
• Jimmy Nolen. Strollin’ With Nolen / After Hours (Federal, 12252, n.d.)
• Johnny Otis, The Johnny Otis Show. Willie Did the Cha Cha / Crazy Country Hop (Capitol, F4060, n.d.)
• Johnny Otis, The Johnny Otis Show. Willie and the Hand Jive / Ring-A-Ling (Capitol, F3966, n.d.)
• Danny Overbea and His Combo. Train, Train, Train / I’ll Wait (Checker, 768, n.d.)
• Hal Page & the Whalers. Thunder Bird / Sugar-Babe (J&S, J-1601, n.d.)
• Little Esther. The Deacon Moves In / Other Lips, Other Arms (Federal, 45-12016, n.d.)
• Little Esther. Cherry Wine / Love Oh Love (Federal, 45-12142, n.d.)
• Little Esther. Do You Ever Think of Me / It’s So Good (Savoy, 45-1563, n.d.)
• Little Esther. Summertime / The Storm (Federal, 45-12063, n.d.)
• Little Esther / Bobby Nunn. Mainliner / Saturday Night Daddy (Federal, 45-12100, n.d.)
• Piano Red. That’s My Desire / I’m Nobody’s Fool (Groove, 4G-0145, n.d.)
• Piano Slim. Whammy in the Gizzmo / Squeezing (Dart, 148, n.d.)
• Piano Slim and his Rockin’ Four. Lot of Shakin’, Lot of Jivin’ / Key Jammer (C and P, 103, n.d.)
• Jesse Powell Orchestra with Fluffy Hunter. The Walkin’ Blues (Walk Right In, Walk Right Out) / Love Is a Fortune (Federal, 45-12056, n.d.)
• Lloyd Price and His Orchestra. Tell Me Pretty Baby / Ain’t It a Shame? (Specialty, SP-452, n.d.)
• Lloyd Price. Georgianna / Hello Little Girl (KRC, KRC 303-45, n.d.)
• Lloyd Price. The Chicken and the Bop / Lonely Chair (KRC, KRC 301-45, n.d.)
• Sam Price and His Texas Bluesicians. Rib Joint / Tishomingo (Savoy, 45-1505, n.d.)
• Professor Longhair. Look What You’re Doing to Me / Misery (Specialty, SP 747, n.d.)
• Mac Rebennack. Storm Warning / Foolish Little Girl (Rex, 1008, n.d.)
• Jimmy Reed. Big Boss Man / Bright Lights, Big City (Collectables, COL 3078, n.d.)
• Jimmy Reed. Dedication to Sonny (Sonny Boy Williamson) / Knockin’ at Your Door (Exodus, EX-2005, n.d.)
• Jimmy Reed. Aw Shucks, Hush Your Mouth / Baby, What’s Wrong (Vee Jay, VJ 425, n.d.)
• Jimmy Reed. Big Boss Man / I’m a Love You (Vee Jay, VJ 380, n.d.)
• Jimmy Reed. I’m the Man Down There / Left Handed Woman (Vee Jay, VJ 702, n.d.)
• Jimmy Reed. Baby, What’s on Your Mind? / The Sun Is Shining (Vee Jay, VJ 248, n.d.)
• Jimmy Reed. I’m Gonna Get My Baby / Odds and Ends (Vee Jay, VJ 298, n.d.)
• Jimmy Reed. Going to New York /I Wanna Be Loved (Vee Jay, VJ 326, n.d.)
• Jimmy Reed. Where Can You Be / Found Love (Vee Jay, VJ 347, n.d.)
• Jimmy Reed. Baby What You Want Me to Do / Caress Me Baby (Vee Jay, VJ 333, n.d.)
• Tommy Ridgely. Jam Up / Wish I Had Never (Atlantic, 45-1039, n.d.)
• Tommy Ridgely. Jam Up / Wish I Had Never (Atlantic, 45-1039, n.d.)
• Tommy Ridgley. What’cha Gonna Do / When I Meet My Girl (Herald, H-501, n.d.)
• Tommy Ridgley. Baby Do Liddle (Herald, H-508, n.d.)
• Eddie Riff with Orchestra. Ain’t That Lvoin’ You, Baby / My Baby’s Gone Away (Dover, 102, n.d.)
• Alvin Robinson. Something You Got / Searchin’ (Tiger, TI 104, n.d.)
• Alvin Robinson. Fever / Down Home Girl (Red Bird, RB 10-010, n.d.)
• Danny Robinson. I Got a Big Cadillac / Bumble Bee (Sky-Rocket, 107, n.d.)
• Jimmy Rogers. One Kiss / I Can’t Believe (Chess, 1659, n.d.)
• Jimmy Rogers. Walking By Myself / If It Ain’t Me (Who You Thinking of) (Chess, 1643, n.d.)
• Doctor Ross and the Orbits. Cat Squirrel / The Sunnyland (Fortune, 857, n.d.)
• Doctor Ross. Thirty-Two Twenty / Industrial Boogie (DIR, A-101, n.d.)
• Otis Rush. Gambler’s Blues / My Love Will Never Die (Cotillion, 45-44032, n.d.)
• Otis Rush and His Band. Double Trouble / Keep on Loving Me, Baby (Cobra, 5030, n.d.)
• Otis Rush and His Band. All Your Love (I Miss Loving) / My Baby’s a Good’Un (Cobra, 5032, n.d.)
• Otis Rush. It Takes Time / Checking on My Baby (Cobra, 5027, n.d.)
• Otis Rush. I Can’t Quit You Baby / Sit Down Baby (Cobra, 5000, n.d.)
• Otis Rush. Jump Sister Bessie / Love That Woman (Cobra, 5015, n.d.)
• Otis Rush. I Can’t Stop Baby / You KNow My Love (Chess, 1775, n.d.)
• Otis Rush and Willie Dixon Band. She’s a Good-‘un / Three Times a Fool (Cobra, 5023, n.d.)
• Clarence Samuels. Got No Place to Call My Own / Chicken Hearted Woman (Excello, 45-2093, n.d.)
• Red Saunders & His Orch. / Link Wray and the Wraymen. Hambone / Rumble Mambo (OKeh, 4-7166, n.d.)
• Schoolboy Cleve. She’s Gone / Strange Letter Blues (Feature, 45-3013, n.d.)
• Eddy Seacrest / Lloyd Price. Shakin’ With a Flavor / Down by the River (KRC, 5001, n.d.)
• Shakey Jake. Roll Your Money Maker / Call Me If You Need Me (Vivid, 100, n.d.)
• Charles Sheffield. The Kangaroo / I Would Be a Sinner (Excello, 45-2205, n.d.)
• Johnny Shines. Evening Sun / Brutal Hearted Woman (JOB, JOB-1010, n.d.)
• Al Simmons, Slim Green and the Cats From Fresno. Old Folks Boogie / You Ain’t Too Old (Dig, 45-138X / 142X, n.d.)
• Little Mack Simmons. Never Leave My Homework Undone / Givin’ Me a Hard Time (Dud Sound, 4719, n.d.)
• Frankie Lee Sims. Lucy Mae Blues / Don’t Take It Out on Me (Specialty, SP-459, n.d.)
• Frankie Lee Sims. My Talk Didn’t Do Any Good / I Warned You Baby (Ace, 539, n.d.)
• Frankie Lee Sims. Hey Little Girl / Walking With Frankie (Ace, 527, n.d.)
• Frankie Lee Sims. She Likes to Boogie Real Low / Well Goodbye Baby (Vin, 1006, n.d.)
• Slim Harpo. Shake Your Hips / Dont’ Start Crying Now (Excello, 45-2194, n.d.)
• Slim Harpo. Wondering and Worryin’ (Excello, 45-2138, n.d.)
• Slim Harpo. Baby Scratch My Back / I’m Gonna Miss You (Like the Devil) (Excello, 45-2273, n.d.)
• Slim Harpo. I’ve Got My Finger on Your Trigger / The Price Is Too High (Excello, 2309, n.d.)
• Slim Harpo. Shake Your Hips / Midnight Blues (Excello, 45-2278, n.d.)
• Slim Harpo. Te-Ni-Nee-Ni-Nu / Mailbox Blues (Excello, 45-2294, n.d.)
• Slim Harpo. Tip On In (Excello, 45-2285, n.d.)
• Slim Harpo. Folsom Prison Blues / Mutual Friend (Excello, 45-2306, n.d.)
• Slim Harpo. I Need Money (Keep Your Alibis) / Little Queen Bee (Got a Brand New King) (Excello, 45-2246, n.d.)
• Slim Harpo. Don’t Start Cryin’ Now / Rainin’ in My Heart (Excello, 45-2194, n.d.)
• The Sly Fox. I’m Tired of Beggin’ / Hoo-Doo Say (Spark, 45×108, n.d.)
• J.L. Smith. Bleeding Heart / Did You Do the Mosquito (F-M, 748, n.d.)
• Jimmy Smith. Got My Mojo Working (Verve, VK-10393, n.d.)
• Smokey Joe. Perfect Girl / Start All Over Again (Fonovox, 45-100, n.d.)
• Otis Spann. It Must Have Been the Devil / Five Spot (Checker, 897, n.d.)
• Bill Spiller; Joe Little’s Band; Joe Harrington, bass. Hot Pants Girls / Baby Don’t Leave Me (Atomic-H, 916, 1971)
• Wild Jimmy Spurill. Hard Grind / Kansas City March (Fire, 1006, n.d.)
• Sugar Boy. She’s Gotta Wobble (When She Walks) / You Gave Me Love (Imperial, x5424, n.d.)
• T-Boo. Prison Blues / That’s All Right (Blue Beat, BB-101, n.d.)
• Tarheel Slim. Wildcat Tamer / Number Nine Train (Fury, 1016, n.d.)
• Tarheel Slim and Little Ann. Much Too Late / Lock Me in Your Heart (And Throw Away the Key) (Fire, 1009, n.d.)
• Hound Dog Taylor. Christine / Alley Music (C.J., 626, n.d.)
• Koko Taylor. Wang Dang Doodle / Blues Heaven (Checker, 1135, n.d.)
• Little Johnny Taylor. What You Need Is a Ball / You’ll Need Another Favor (Galaxy, 718, n.d.)
• Sammy Taylor. Next in Line / Ain’t That Some Shame (Enjoy, 2023, n.d.)
• Tender Slim. I’m Checkin’ Up / Don’t Cut Out on Me (Herald, H-571, n.d.)
• Tabby Thomas. Hoodoo Party / Roll on Ole Mule (Excello, 45-2212, n.d.)
• Tiny Topsy and the Charms. Come On, Come On, Come On (Federal, 45-12309, n.d.)
• Tiny Topsy. Aw! Shucks Baby / Miss You So (Federal, 45-12302, n.d.)
• Tommy Tucker. A Whole Lots of Fun (Before the Weekend Is Done) / Real True Love (I Ain’t Had None Lately) (Checker, 1186, n.d.)
• Tommy Tucker. Hi-Heel Sneakers (Checker, 1067, n.d.)
• Bobby Tuggle. The $64,000 question (Checker, 823, n.d.)
• Ike Turner & His Kings of Rhythm. The New Breed (Sue, 138, n.d.)
• Ike Turner & His Kings of Rhythm. My Love / That’s All I Need (Sue, 722, n.d.)
• Ike Turner. Thinking Black / Black Angel (Sterling Award, ST-100, n.d.)
• Ike Turner. Right On / Tacks in My Shoes (United Artists, 50900, 1971)
• Ike Turner and His Orchestra. Go To It / Cuban Get Away (Flair, 45×1059, n.d.)
• Ike Turner’s Kings of Rhythm. Gettin’ Late / Crackerjack (Crackerjack, 4000, n.d.)
• Ike Turner and His Orchestra. Trail Blazer / You’ve Changed My Love (Federal, 12307, n.d.)
• Ike Turner. (Do You Think I Should Change) The Big Question / She made My Blood Run Cold (King, 45-5553, n.d.)
• Icky Renrut. Ho—Ho / Hey—Hey (Stevens, 107, n.d.)
• Icky Renrut. In Your Eyes Baby / Jack Rabbit (Stevens, 104, n.d.)
• Joe Turner and his Blues Kings. TV Mama / Oke-She-Moke-She-Pop (Atlantic, 45-1016, n.d.)
• Joe Turner. Honey Hush / Tomorrow Night (Atlantic, 45-2044, n.d.)
• Joe Turner. Lipstick, Powder and Paint / Rock a While (Atlantic, 45-1100, n.d.)
• Joe Turner. Flip, Flop and Fly / Ti-Li-Lee (Atlantic, 45-1053, n.d.)
• Joe Turner with Choker Campbell and His Orchestra. Love Roller Coaster (Atlantic, 45-1146, n.d.)
• Joe Turner. Joe Turner Sings (Atlantic, 45-536, 7″, vinyl disc-Single or Ep, n.d.)
• Joe Turner. The Sun Is Shining / Blues Jumped the Rabbit (Bayou, 45-015, n.d.)
• T. Valentine. Hello Lucille…Are You a Lesbian? / Little Lu-Lu Frog (Norton, 45-094, 2000)
• Eddie “Cleanhead” Vinson. Cherry Red / Kidney Stew (Bethlehem, 45-11097, n.d.)
• Philip Walker. Hello My Darling / Trouble in My Home (Joliet, 202, n.d.)
• T-Bone Walker. Evil Hearted / Life Is Too Short (Imperial, 5832, n.d.)
• T-Bone Walker. Tell Me What’s the Reason / Everytime (Oldies 45, Jamaica, x 5247, n.d.)
• T-Bone Walker. Reconsider Baby / I’m Not Your Fool No More (Jet Stream, JS 726, n.d.)
• Leroy Washington. Wild Cherry / Be Kind (Excello, 45-2144, n.d.)
• Muddy Waters. I’m Your Hoochie Coochie Man / She’s So Pretty (Chess, 1560, n.d.)
• Muddy Waters. My Dog Can’t Bark / I Got a Rich Man’s Woman (Chess, 1937, n.d.)
• Muddy Waters. I Want to Be Loved / My Eyes (Keep Me in Trouble) (Chess, 1596, n.d.)
• Muddy Waters. Got My Mojo Working / Rock Me (Chess, 1652, n.d.)
• Muddy Waters. You Shook Me / Muddy Waters Twist (Chess, 1827, n.d.)
• Muddy Waters. You Need Love / Little Brown Bird (Chess, 1839, n.d.)
• Tiny Watkins. Fine Driving Machine (Excello, 45-2304, n.d.)
• Junior Wells. Cha Cha Cha in Blue / I Could Cry (Profile, 4005, n.d.)
• Junior Wells. Come on in This House / Lovey Dovey Lovey One (U.S.A., 790, n.d.)
• Junior Wells. When the Cat’s Gone, the Mice Play / She’s a Sweet One (U.S.A., 742, n.d.)
• Junior Wells. I Need Me A Car / I Could Cry (Chief, 7038, n.d.)
• Junior Wells. I’m Gonna Cramp Your Style / You Ought to Quit That (Bright Star, 45-152, n.d.)
• Junior Wells. Up in Heah / Junior’s Groove (Bright Star, 45-149, n.d.)
• Sonny Boy Willaimson. I Want You Close to Me / My Younger Days (Checker, 1080, n.d.)
• Andre Williams (Mr. Rhythm) and His New Group. Bacon Fat / Just Because of a Kiss (Epic, 5-9196, n.d.)
• Andre Williams (Mr. Rhythm) with the Don Juans. Going Down to Tia Juana / Pulling Time (Fortune, 824, n.d.)
• Andre Williams (Mr. Rhythm). Just Want a Little Lovin’ / Mozelle (Fortune, 827, n.d.)
• Andre Williams (Mr. Rhythm). Jail Bait / My Tears (Fortune, 837, n.d.)
• Andre Williams (Mr. Rhythm). The Greasy Chicken / Come On, Baby (Fortune, 839, n.d.)
• Andre Williams. Bacon Fat (86) / Just Because of a Kiss (86) (Fortune, 1986, 1986)
• Andre “Mr. Rhythm” Williams. Daddy Rolling Stone / Gin (Norton, 45-044, n.d.)
• Andre “Mr. Rhythm” Williams. Poor Mister Santa (Norton, 45-069, n.d.)
• Andre “Mr. Rhythm” Williams. The Monkey Speaks His Mind / Don’t Hurt Your Knees, You May Need them to Pray (Norton, 45-105, n.d.)
• Jimmy Williams (Mr. Blues). Early One Morning / Big Legged Woman (Don El, 111, n.d.)
• Sonny Boy Williamson and His Orchestra. Going in Your Direction / Red Hot Kisses (Trumpet, 45-216, n.d.)
• Sonny Boy Williamson. Your Funeral & My Trial / Wake Up, Baby (Checker, 894, n.d.)
• Sonny Boy Williamson. Don’t Start Me Talkin’ / All My Love in Vain (Checker, 824, n.d.)
• Sonny Boy Williamson. Fattening Frogs for Snakes / Help Me (Collectables, COL-3492, n.d.)
• Chick Willis. Stoop Down Baby / It Aint’ Right (La Val, LV 871, n.d.)
• Chick Willis – The Stoop Down Man. The Way You’re Stooping Down Baby – I Can Deal With That / My Bowlegged Woman (Reginald, RR 133-9747, n.d.)
• Chuck Willis. My Baby’s Coming Home / When My Day Is Over (OKeh, 4-7004, n.d.)
• Chuck Willis. Love Me Cherry / That Train Has Gone (Atlantic, 45-1148, n.d.)
• Oscar Wills with Paul Gayton Orch.. Flatfoot Sam / Nervous Boogie (Argo, 5277, n.d.)
• Jimmy Witherspoon. Move Me Baby / Sad Life (Federal, 45-12156, n.d.)
• Jimmy Witherspoon. Ain’t Nobody’s Business (Kent, KS 4551, n.d.)
• Mildred Woodard and the Tempo Rhythms. Don’t Let Anybody Know / I’ve Waited So Long (Excello, 45-2383, n.d.)
• Johnny Wright. Look at That Chick / Gotta Have You For Myself (Stevens, 13192, n.d.)
• Mighty Joe Young. Ladies Man / Sweet Kisses (Celtex, C-214, n.d.)
• Mighty Joe Young. Voo Doo Dust /We Love You Baby (Webcor, W-101, n.d.)

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