Feelin’ Kinda Moogy?

29 05 2013

OK – So much news, and yet, the ARChive Swingin’ Summer Sale is fast approaching, so here’s one tasty item that YOU can get when you stop by, beginning Saturday, June 8.  OR, if you join the ARC, at our pre-sale PARTY on Thursday Eve, June 6.


It’s Moog Power, by Hugo Montenegro, RCA LSP 4170, 1969 – $15.  Nice condition at a nice price.   Plus 20,000 others!

Tell your friends.  Re-post, tweet, repeat  at will.
And do drop by and support the ARChive!

You can join the ARC or make a donation, the Moogy way, anytime:
Donate via Paypal   or   NYcharities.org

ARChive of Contemporary Music, 54 White Street in Tribeca, between Broadway and Church Streets – North of Worth + 3 short blocks south of Canal.  This is our major fundraiser, so come by and shop  – books, CDs, LPs, singles, VHS, DVDs,   tel : 212-226-6967   info@arcmusic.org



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18 07 2013
Musiclv (@musiclv5467)

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