HAPPY VAL- the new lovedrug from ARC – take two and call me in the morning…

14 02 2013


B.here.now (70s ref. – look it up) :   I once DJ at Danceteria on Valentines Day in the 80s.  It was a disaster.  I only played old 30s – 60s songs.  EVERYONE hated it and wouldn’t dance.  So much for trying something diff.

Lucky for us everyone is diff. these days.  People actually want to know what every single one of us does, did and does not.

Recently I was asked to relieve my shame and recommend some ‘Love Songs” for a fab Valentines MIX Project and compilation by our pal Eilon Paz.  EP runs Dust and Grooves, the amazing site of photos of record collectors.

I was joined by a cadre of other notables who have exhaustive record collections, amateur Cupids (the original armed Drone) and experts all, who have been photographed by Eilon.

The results are here and you can sample 3 hours of mush, gush and rush to get you through the night.  Highly recommended.

My picks for you to track down, were:

“In the Land of My Dreams” – Anna Domino

“The Sweetest Girl” – Scritti Politti

“The First Girl” – Incredible String Band

“L’Atalante (Main Title)” – Narciso Yepes

“Only One You” – Melody Beecher

And did I ever tell you about the day I DJ’d for 100 sets of identical twins, at El International, each twin seated opposite itself?



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