ARC roundup 2012

26 12 2012


Did you clean 4,500 LPs covered in talcum powder?

Did you work during Hurricane Sandy searching for albums by flashlight?

Did you wade through a mile long alley of engine parts and motors, piled 4 ft high, in 96 degree weather, to find a Beatles 78?

Did you unload 150,000 recordings?

Well that’s only a portion of what we did this year at the ARC. You can read all about it on our Year-end Roundup on our website

And if you can, please send a donation so we can continue this important, and sometimes preposterous work of preserving the world’s music.

So please Donate via paypal (button below), on our page (best for matching funds).  It’s tax deductible, and for as as little as $50 you can become a member, shop early at our sale and attend two swell parties.  And let us know if you have recordings to donate to help build the collection.

Drop by anytime to see this great place.  Thanks

B.+ Fred + Quinn and the 47 volunteers and interns who made it all happen in 2012.



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