An Indian Ocean of Sound

22 10 2012

Yesterday I walked to the Indian Ocean.

Then, visited journalist and author Naresh Fernandes.  Naresh has written the incredible Taj Mahal Foxtrot, a  history of early jazz in India.  And who says it doesn’t mean anything to blog?  Naresh saw the photos of my record purchases I posted and realized I had a Jetliners LP from Ceylon that he didn’t.  Like any respectable collector, he went out on the street and found one!  Here he is showing off our inspiration with the other Jetliners already on his shelves.  Now if he could only find one in as good a condition as ours…






While his latest book is on Jazz, he also collects pop – Here are some some choice items:

And on 45rpm, Oh, Om, how that slo-mo sitar Edelwiess sends me…

What’s great about these “Music Days” is discovering things – like a major Disco producer and songwriter, who gave us the impossibly great  ‘Kung Fu Fighting” by Carl Douglas was an Indian identified on record as Biddu.  British based, Grammy Award winning Biddu Appaiah even published an autobiography.  Who knew?

Off to Chor Bazaar , colorfully named Thieves Market to look for vinyls.



2 responses

13 11 2012
Rainer E. Lotz

Sorry I could not join you in Mumbai as I left to explore the south of India after the IASA conference had ended. And, hey – in front of Naresh is the Harlequin LP documenting the history of Jazz in India which I did sometime during the past millenium. Glad it found a good home.Greetings George and Naresh!
Rainer E. Lotz, Germany

2 12 2012
suresh chandvankar

Hi Rainer,

Yes. I understand.It is like finding lost child or relative,and yes it is in the right place and in the able hands

Naresh found it in USA and brought back to India.He was so much excited that he promptly brought it to me in Colaba to listen to it on my player.

– suresh

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