Flying Monkey Motorcycle Gang

21 10 2012

Street image of Hanuman, the ever-faithful servant, occasional deity, and leader of that flying monkey motorcycle gang that set much of Ceylon on fire.

Street image of my last meal and first authentic street samosa in 42 years.  It was incredible, and I think I’ll have both of them…

Now there are mysteries that go beyond creating great cuisine and understanding god, and this is one of them: how would an Indian with a flute tree, in India, think to play “El Condor Passa” to sell his flutes?  Is there an AmerIndian-AsianIndian nexus unknown to us?  Is he a Simon and Garfunkle fan?  Maybe it appeared in a Bollywood film? No one from the Andes peddle their skills on the streets here.  It’s just me and my monkey…



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