Bossa Big Beatles Beat

23 06 2012

Hey, over at our Brazilian Day blog I’ve been posting a slew of recording by US playing THEIR music, how about the other way around?  Here’s a sought after rarity called Os Sambeatles, recently unearthed here at the ARC, as we re-shelved some 500 or so Beatles and Beatles related recordings .

This LP is from 1966 (Fermata, Brazil, # fb 150), and you can get a CD reissue from Braz Bossa Roots.  But we all know the boss Bossa 60s sound can only be found on the big round!  While the names of the performers are not listed on the LP, the CD research reveals it’s by pianist Manfredo Fest, featuring a very jazzy trio.  It’s exotica, Bossa, Beatles, Samba and swingin’, with enough improvisation to keep you interested in these tired old compositions by those lovable mop-tops.

Here’s just one of the many songs available on youtube –



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