16 06 2012

Final Days – not quite the apocalypse, the reaping or the rapture, BUT, it means that it will be a bleak six months till our next sale!

Here’s one nice LP, like so many others, still for sale.  This is by Jeremy & the Satyrs, a psychedelic rock outfit featuring flutist Jeremy Steig (later a jazzbo and son of  New Yorker Magazine’s well known cartoonist William Steig).  We have one in good condition for $8 and a fab one for $20.  It’s a collector’s item often running $40 online.  But for you…

So come on down to the ARC this weekend.  You can pick up some nice music and it really helps us.   Still plenty of bargains – our CDs are cheaper than downloading!

FATHERS can get any $1 item for free this SUNDAY if they buy anything at any price.

ARC’s cool SUMMER hot Record + CD SALE
LAST days this Sat, June 16 + Sun, June 17
We are open everyday, 11am – 6pm.
books, CDs, LPs, singles, VHS, DVDs, sheet music + more
Help us out !  Blog, face, tweet, post or shout out about our sale…
Remember, you can Join the ARC on PAYPAL or by calling us!

ARChive of Contemporary Music
54 White Street in Tribeca
between Broadway and Church Streets – North of Worth + 3 short blocks south of Canal.  Most trains stop @ Canal, or try the # 1 or 2 exiting in Franklin St
tel : 212-226-6967     e :



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