Allo Allo Brasil…

23 09 2011

B. George here in Rio, typing near-but-not-on a beach, in the peculiar upmarket suburb that everyone insists in IN the city, Barra.  Just a quick note  before a visit to MIS, Rio’s (there is also one in Sao Paulo) Museum of Image and Sound.

While info on this institution that began in 1965 is almost non-existant, and it is difficult to find at its present location, the hub-bub surrounding the new building is monumental and well deserved.  They’ve adopted the NYU method of destroying a wonderful/dreadful/authentic music performance space (in this case the ditry, druggy, whorey, Discoteca Help) to preserve culture.

Our goal is to enlist their help in creating Brazilian World Music Day.  More later on our meetings and record collecting adventures soon.

Our hosts have gotten us Rock in Rio tickets, so me and 500,000 of my closest friends are off to see folks I would never see in any form, for any reason, under any circumstance.  But will enjoy the scene and the people.  Here’s a shot of Katy Perry arriving in Rio with a Carmen Miranda mask, obviously a big influence on her oeuvre…



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