It’s All Over Now…

29 12 2009

Dear ARC people –
As 2009 draws to an end it’s not too late to make a tax-deductible donation to the ARC.  Really, who else has done what we’ve done? –  without a bit of help from the government, but from great folks like you!  People who believe that the only way to preserve our great musical heritage is to preserve everything – not just the ‘best,’ but everything.  So it’s there for us and future generations to enjoy, study, judge, and remix and bounce off.  New projects in 2010 include Muslim World Music Day coming in April, growing the Brazilian and Cuban collections, a graphic exhibition of recordings signed by the artists and a massive scanning project of album covers, liner notes and lyrics.  We’re also supporting the Lyric Translation Project, to allow online users to legally view the lyrics from any song, in any language.  And maybe, with your support, this will finally be the year we mount our online catalog, the International Discography of over 2 million recordings.

So, AFTER you give to a humanitarian charity, and you can spare it, consider a donation to the ARC.  If you can help, that would be great.  We will continue to do our job, preserving the history of popular music.   You can donate by mail, or through paypal (using our e-mail address : or the webthing where there is a button to donate.

All the best in the new year. It’s gotta be better than the oughts!   Yours,  B. George, Director.



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