Musi Cali

7 04 2008

Here are some nice music images from California for all our dedicated disc bloganatii…

The ORIGINAL music makin’ Madonna, namesake for the Madonna Inn, US Highway 1, coastal CA.

A modern madonna from the conjunto band, Jose Luis Ruelas y Sus Rivales del Norte, entertains at lunch at the Capitol Flea Market in San Jose.

Shot off the big screen at the renovated and delux Stanford movie theater, where ARSC members were treated to an assortment of early sound Vitaphone releases, this one of “Guido Diero, World”s Foremost Piano-Accordionist,” from 1928. And according to, he is the first accordionist ever to appear in a sound film. Check out the Vitaphone project just for fun,

Signage at 101 Music & Books in San Francisco (no webthing, but great vinyl, (1414 Grant Ave
San Francisco, CA 94133, cross street: Green in North Beach/Telegraph Hill. Tel. +1 415.392.6369)

Record Surplus in LA – a better mural than store.

Singing Nuns at the fleamarket on Berryessa Road.

Mural outside kitchen window at Brooke’s in SF.

That same mural featuring Kid de Brooke, Gabby, selling it as Diana Ross in honor of Disco Day at her school!



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