14 08 2007

Everytime you think you’ve seen it all, done it all, lived long enough – wham, there it is, in a pile, on the ground, at a flea market – the Cugat Calypso Tie Collection.

Cugat Calypso Tie Detail

No matter that Calypso + Cugat go together like cha-hua-huas + timbales, this is another example of choice music-related fabric and clothing in the ARC’s collection. As it so happens another smarty-pants beat me to the stash and immediately uploaded a tie with maracas, one that I did not get. But one e-bay day later, ARC completed the set, here for your entertainment…

MaraccasCugat Ties

By the way, we’re still looking for a Cugat plastic toy kit of musical instruments, the Xavier Cugat Delux Kazoo and Rhythm Orchestra, with Abby Lincoln on the box cover, made by Spec-Toy-culars, in LI, NY, in the mid-1950s.

Until then we’ll settle for this collection of Xavier Cugat albums here at the ARC.

16 Most Requested Songs (Legacy / Columbia, USA, CK 47130, 5”, compact disc, 1995)
1940-1942 (Tumbao, Spain, 5”, compact disc)
Babalu / Bambarito (Columbia, USA, 36068, 10”, n.d.)
Bim Bam Bum 1935-1940 (Harlequin, UK, Hqcd 14, 5”, compact disc, 1992)
Bread, Love and Cha-cha-cha (Columbia, USA, CL 1016, 12″, vinyl disc-Lp, n.d.)
Cha-cha-cha (Columbia, CL 718, 12″, vinyl disc-Lp, no year given)
Coleccion (PG, 838865 , 5”, compact disc, )
Cugat Cavalcade (Columbia, USA, CL 1094, 12″, vinyl disc-Lp, n.d.)
Cugat Cavalcade (Columbia, USA, CS 8055, 12″, vinyl disc-LP, n.d.)
Cugat in … France Spain Italy (RCA, LSP-2173, 12″, vinyl disc-Lp, n.d. [1960])
Cugat in Spain (RCA, USA, LPM-1894, 12″, vinyl disc-Lp, 1959)
Cugat’s Favorite Rhumbas (Columbia, CL 6021, 10”, vinyl disc-Lp, n.d.)
Cugat’s Favorite Rumbas (Columbia, CL 579, 12”, vinyl disc-Lp, n.d.)
Cugat’s Favorites (Mercury, USA, MG 20065, 12”, vinyl disc-Lp, n.d.)
Cugatango (Columbia , 2557, 12″, Lp, )
Cugi’s Cocktails (Mercury, USA, MG 20832, 12″, vinyl disc-Lp, 1963)
Dance Parade (, , , , )
Dance With Xavier Cugat (Columbia, USA, CL 537, 12″, vinyl disc-Lp, n.d.)
Grandes Orquestas Americanas (International Music Dist., 33006, 5”, compact disc, 1998)
Latin For Lovers (RCA Camden, CAL-516, 12″, vinyl disc-Lp, 1959)
Mambo (Columbia 2506 10 In., , 12″, Lp, )
Merengue! by Cugat (Columbia, USA, CL 733, 12″, vinyl disc-Lp, n.d.)
Midnight Roses (Decca, USA, DL 75046, 12″, vinyl disc-Lp , n.d.)
Most Popular Movie Themes (Mercury, USA, MG 20745, 12″, vinyl disc-Lp, n.d.)
Mucho Mucho Mambo (Columbia, CL-626, 12″, vinyl disc-Lp)
One • Two • Three Kick (Victor, USA, P 73, 10”, vinyl disc-Single or Epx4, n.d.)
Plays The Music Of Ernesto (Mercury Sr 60936, , 12″, Lp, )
Pure Gold (RCA, ANL1-1310e, 12″, vinyl disc-Lp, 1976)
Rhumba with Cugat (Columbia, C-54, 10”, vinyl disc-Single or Ep, n.d.)
Rumba Rumbero: 1937-1940 (Tumbao, Spain , TCD-023, 5″, compact disc, )
Spanish Eyes (Vg+, , 12″, Vocalion 73910, )
That Latin Beat! (RCA Camden, USA, CAL 323, 12″, vinyl disc-Lp, n.d.)
The Best of Cugat (Mercury, USA, PPS 6015, 12″, vinyl disc-Lp , n.d.)
The King Plays Some Aces (RCA, LPM-1882, 12″, vinyl disc-Lp, 1958)
The Original Latin Dance King (Columbia / Legacy, USA, CK 85341, 5”, compact disc, 2002)
Twist Cugat (Mercury, MG 20705, 12”, vinyl disc-Lp, n.d.)
Viva Cugat (Mercury, USA , PPS 2003, 12″, vinyl disc-Lp)
Cugat! (Mercury, MG-20866, 12”, vinyl disc-Lp, [early 60s])
…With Dinah Shore (Harlequin, UK, , 5”, compact disc, )
Cocktail Hour (Columbia River Entertainment, 217000, 5”, compact disc, 1999)
XAVIER CUGAt …And His Orchestra: 1940-1942 (Tumbao, Spain , TCD 002, 5″, compact disc)
Xavier Cugat Dance Parade (Columbia, CL 6077, 10”, vinyl disc-Lp, 1949)
Xavier Cugat et Son Orchestre (Fediscos, Ecuador, 70003, 12″, Vinyl disc-LP, 1972)




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