Dr. Luke Exposed: Rubinoos v. Avril part deux

10 07 2007

Nice. Every time I listen the conviction that the “old people,” as the Rubinoos are known on the Avril Lavigne fan forums, totally kick teenybopper ass. In the comments section of part one of the Avy-noos saga HeyHeyYouYou outs producer and co-author of “Girlfriend”  the nefarious Dr. Luke‘s alleged machinations bearing directly on the case at hand. To wit, in 1990 the Luke-a-nator produced a Rubinoos cover on the album release The Party (Mickey Mouseketeers). They cover “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend“.  No surprise an old pro like Luke Gottwald knows top notch powerpop gods like the Rubinoos, but buddy, you got to hide your tracks a little.

The cover your rear defense the Avril crew are putting up is becoming increasingly Nixon-esque (Google him, he’s another old person from the Seventies), and consequently more entertaining, by the minute. The lawyers tell us a leading musicologist has pronounced the Rubinoos’ claims to be unfounded. But who is this cat? Doesn’t he or she have a name? And can someone ‘splain why Avy is spouting off on “punk rock” forums like AbsolutePunk.net? Don’t tell me she’s PUNK!



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11 07 2007
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25 07 2007
Dr. Jim

Dr. Luke did not produce the Party.

29 05 2010
Craig Dobbs

If I had a dollar for every time I came to arcmusic.wordpress.com… Great article!

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