Hey Joe, Where You Gonna Go (With Gary US Bonds in Your Hand)?

25 06 2007

Sunday is a slow day at the sale, so I decided to punch a hole through the wall from the old to the new space. Drill in hand, I exit oldARC and who do I see, like a vision, crossing in the middle of the street, but THE Joe Franklin, NYC’s legendary talk show (on TV continuously for 40 years – 300,000 interviews) host and old-time music maven.


Here’s what the King of Nostalgia had to say about the ARC, “Oh gee, oh wow…I had no idea!” Joe was on the block visiting his “music therapist,” a job we intend to take over in the future.

We gave Joe a Gary US Bonds LP, snapped a snap and sent him on his way, down those same streets you’ve seen him on in “Manhattan,” “Ghostbusters,” and “Broadway Danny Rose. ”

Learn more @ http://joefranklin.com/




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25 06 2007
Gore Verbinski, Pirate of 1980s Punk Rock « The ARChive Blogoschmeer

[…] and things!  If it’d make you feel more comfortable, we could even try to get our new friend Joe Franklin to come by as well.  It’d be a grand old […]

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