Tiki ARChive.

20 06 2007

So, it’s Wednesday again. ARChive insiders know that can mean only one thing: Hawaiian Shirt Day is here again. Also known as Tropical Shirt Day, or occasionally referred to as Day of Phony Pan-Polynesian Cultural Appreciation. Nerds? Maybe. But the whole staff came through today which is especially encouraging since this is a day of schlepping stacks of records around in preparation for the big DOG DAZE O’SUMMER record + cd sale 2007. See if YOU can match each loud pattern to Dan, Fred, Jon or B. Spouses and/or girlfriends are not eligible for the grand prize. Suggestions for a grand prize will be welcomed.

– Jonny



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27 06 2007
The ARChive Blogoschmeer

[…] 06 2007 Wednesday is Hawaiian Shirt day, again.  Let the ukuleles ring out, and we’ll celebrate with one of my favorite cereal […]

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