More Paris Hilton Madness!

19 06 2007

Today is the ARC is annexing the adjacent space so we have some friends over helping us prepare four our BIG SUMMER SALE (I encourage anyone in NYC reading this to clink on the link and learn more). One of the folks lending a hand in the expansion is our friend BeBop. (Some context: BeBop was arguably the most important person on the 80s post punk scene. Why? Because he was the doorman at all the hip clubs when they were hip. In the 80s, if you wanted to get into a club and didn’t know BeBop, you weren’t getting into the club. Period.) He didn’t know about our blog, so I explained it to him. As I was telling him about the post in which I suggested Cher could be a good role model for Paris after she gets out of jail, he said “yea, but Marianne Faithfull would be a better.” BeBop, you are correct, so here we go.

Marianne Faithfull would be a good role model for Paris because she did it all before Paris did. Her mother was a Baronness. She had the famous boyfriends (Mick Jagger, anyone?), she had the drug problems, she dealt with the anorexia – all kinds of tragedy, but she’s managed to make it through. Should we be surprised that in 1985 she had an album called Rich Girl Blues (do I hear Paris Hilton In-Tha-Klub remix on the horizon?). Plus, they kind of look alike. Here is the photo spread from the back of the soundtrack for the 1968 film Girl on a Motorcycle:


Here’s Paris, from around the net:

Paris, if you’re looking for her, Marianne is currently living in Paris (the city, not you).



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19 06 2007
Paris, Back in the Hoose Cow « The ARChive Blogoschmeer


20 06 2007

Dan. Get help. Seriously.

17 08 2010
Santina Gravino

Paris Hilton has worked hard to get where she is, but few people believe that.

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