The MP1 is in the Lotus

5 06 2007

Music Box

No idea exactly what to call this playback device, but found it in a religious store, between a Buddhist and Hindu temple in the Little Indian section of Singapore.

Buttons on top switches tracks, and this battery operated chocolate colored plastic item has a power chord outlet, volume control, and an earphones pinport. Slap a top button and you hear a few popish songs in Chinese and Hindi, but the third is the charm. Then begins a series of religious chants, in a variety of languages, in endless repetition. Dance to “Da Mo hop tah ha,” “Baroom come,” and “OmPolaOmpok.”, Well you get the idea. A fabulous find. Below is the Buddha box it came in. When I get back (in Shangahi) we’ll try and add a sound file to he image.





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13 06 2007
The Buddha Box is Back! « The ARChive Blogoschmeer

[…] Buddha Box is Back! 13 06 2007 Readers will doubtlessly remember B.George’s post a little while back about the Buddha Box.   Well, when B.George finally returned from Singapore, a demonstration was in order.  Turns […]

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